Woody Harrelson And Matthew McConaughey Prepared For Their ‘True Detective’ Fight Scene By Dancing

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In case you haven't checked out the DVD extras for the first season of 'True Detective,' HBO is giving you a little taste today.

Colin Farrell

Major Plot Details Emerge About ‘True Detective’ Season Two

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A 'Chinatown' plotline involving corruption, drugs, prostitutes, and the occult seems to be in the works for 'True Detective' season two.


‘True Detective’ Season 2 Will Have FOUR Main Characters Now

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Four main characters announced next week. Now let's all get back to speculating wildly.


An Academy Award Winner Has Met With Nic Pizzolatto About Directing ‘True Detective’

By | 12 Comments

The director of "The French Connection" is "considering" hopping aboard the "True Detective" season two train.


Here Are Ten Incredibly Logical Choices To Play The New Male Lead in ‘True Detective’

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Ten talented Hollywood actors who might fit the 'True Detective' profile, and whose schedules would make doing the series possible.


A Script Leak Sheds Some Light On What Season Two Of ‘True Detective’ Will Look Like

By | 36 Comments

Have you been wondering how the main characters of 'True Detective' season two was shaping up? We may have an answer.


Watch Dan Harmon Interview ‘True Detective’ Creator Nic Pizzolatto And His ‘Knight Rider’ Jacket

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"Community" showrunner Dan Harmon interviews "True Detective" creator Nic Pizzolatto as part of the Banff World Media Festival's Drama Master Class.


Matthew McConaughey’s Critics’ Choice Awards Speech Was Peak McConaughey

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Matthew McConaughey was in fine form at the Critics’ Choice Television Awards last night.


EW Ranks The 50 Best TV Scenes Of The Last Year, Neglects To Include The Greatest Scene OF A GENERATION

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EW does a nice ranking job, except they forgot THE MOST IMPORTANT SCENE OF THE CENTURY.


‘True Detective’ Creator Nic Pizzolatto ‘Can’t Imagine’ Making More Than Three Seasons

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At a recent press conference, "True Detective" creator Nic Pizzolatto discussed the future of the show and all those casting rumors.


Alexandra Daddario Is Talking About Her ‘True Detective’ Nude Scene Again

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Alexandra Daddario is going to keep talking about her "True Detective" nude scene, and we're going to keep listening.


Matthew McConaughey Is Open To Doing More ‘True Detective’

By | 15 Comments

Matthew McConaughey would pick up if HBO called about doing more "True Detective."


Here’s Possibly The Most Depraved Thing You Will Ever Read In Your Entire Life

By | 63 Comments

How researching 'True Detective' season two possibilities led me to a description of the most gruesome murder in serial killer history.

tca awards

‘True Detective’ And ‘Breaking Bad’ Lead The 2014 TCA Nominations

By | 16 Comments

The 2014 TCA Award nominations aren't bad, but there are a few snubs we need to talk about.

Nic Pizzolatto Reveals The First Details On ‘True Detective’ Season Two

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Your #TrueDetectiveSeason2 suggestions will need to come in threes.

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