guns n' roses

What Would Guns N’ Roses Have Been Without These Women?


Guns N' Roses might exist without the ladies who fed and clothed them before they made it big. This is their must-watch story.

guns n' roses

Is This The One Man Who Can Reunite Guns N’ Roses?


There's only one man who might be able to bring Slash and Axl Rose together, and this may be him.

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These Great Lines From Terrible Films Will Make You Fall In Love With Cinema Again


These amazing lines from bad movies are the best bad movie lines of all-time.

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New Uproxx Video/5SF Compilation: Channel Flip


'Channel Flip' takes the Nightmare TV style of Tim & Eric and adds dead hookers, Wilford Brimley, super-intelligent shark people, and of course Jon Worley.


UPROXX Video: Time To Party With The 5-Second Films Spring Break Compilation


The latest 5SF mega compilation wraps all things spring and break (and alcohol and drugs and homicide) related into a neat little package.

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Backstage At The Oscars: Here's How Your Death Montage Sausage Gets Made

Have you ever wondered how the Oscars' death montage takes shape? UPROXX Video takes you backstage to find out!


Patton Oswalt’s ‘Indie-Izer’ Creates Indie Versions Of Blockbuster Films


Patton Oswalt and Uproxx Video introduce the "Indie-Izer," a device that makes indie versions of Hollywood Blockbusters, just in time for the Independent Spirit Awards.

uproxx video

Just In Time For The Oscars: 5-Second Films Does Hollywood


Check out this compilation of movie sketches from 5-Second Films. It's guaranteed not to waste much of your time.


UPROXX Video: All You Want For Christmas Is An N64

You might for to fire up a blunt or munch down a few schrooms before watching this latest UPROXX video offering.

#video games

N64: The Music Video

A mesmerizing musical tribute to the hottest Christmas gift of 1996: Nintendo 64.

uproxx video


It kinda makes you have to think about stuff.

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UPROXX Video: 666 The Rock

How far would your favorite classical music station go to stay on the air.

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UPROXX Video: When Eating In Front Of The Person You’re Dating Goes Horribly Wrong


Meet Rebecca. She seems nice. But she has a problem: she's terrified to eat in front of her man. But why?!

uproxx video

UPROXX Video: Rebecca’s Problem

Rebecca is just looking for a guy she can be herself around.

uproxx video

UPROXX Video: The Trashman

Thank you for littering.

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How-To Make A How-To Video About How-To Cook Hard Boiled Eggs

For everyone struggling to film themselves cooking eggs.

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UPROXX Video: How Video Games Like ‘Grand Theft Auto’ Are Destroying America’s Youths


Video games are the root of all problems, as this new UPROXX video demonstrates.

#video games

UPROXX Video: The Grind

Joe and Donny can't get through their Sunday morning ritual without lamenting the state of today's youth.

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