Fungi Could Help Make Cheap Violins That Sound Like A Stradivarius

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Research which involved slathering two types of fungus on wood (as one does) has yielded cheap violins which sound like a Stradivarius.


Violinist Clowns Jerk With Cell Phone, Becomes Internet Hero

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The violinist here is Lucas Kmit, your new hero.

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BIG Puns, Time Out Cats, And Links


The Craziest (And Coolest) Celebrity Items Ever Listed And Purchased At Auctions [Uproxx] Meme Watch: Draw Me Like One Of Your French Girls [Uproxx] The Best of the 4th of July Weekend's World Records [WithLeather] Of course there's an Angry Birds film [Filmdrunk] The [...].

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Dance Dance Violin

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Lara is a musician from Sydney, Australia who is skilled at both playing violin and playing Hop Mario on Dance Dance Revolution's Mario Mix, super hard level.

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Awesome Video Game Violinist

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Violinist Teppei Okada (website's in Japanese) plays along with video games, matching the music and the sound effects with awesome fidelity.

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