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This Group Of Thieves Didn’t Count On The MMA Fighter Working At This Gas Station

By | 8 Comments

A group of thieves attempt to rob a gas station employee, but were surprised by the former MMA champ working inside.

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This Guy’s Border Collie Is Really Good At Ruining Naptime


A guy could have worse problems than a cuddly, enthusiastic Border Collie who just wants to snuggle all up at nap time.

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A 3-Year-Old Filipino Girl Woke From The Dead At Her Own Funeral

By | 26 Comments

Burying a child is a tragic event. When the child wakes up, however, is completely different.


This Skydiving Instructor Got Hit In The Face With A Girl’s Shoe, Then Somehow Managed To Catch It


Most people would just be worried about dying while skydiving but this chick was mostly just worried about losing her shoe.

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Watch This Insane Footage Of A Motorcycle Accident Caught With A GoPro

By | 12 Comments

This poor guy's motorcycle gets thrown in the air like it's a toy, with him on it. No thank you!


Watch This Adorable Golden Retriever Puppy Comfort Its Older Friend During A Nightmare

By | 10 Comments

This little puppy sweetly tries to comfort its friend when it sensed that the older dog was having a nightmare.

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Meet The Guy Who Sat In A Hot Car To Teach People How Dangerous It Is

By | 13 Comments

A North Carolina man recorded a video of himself sweating in a scorching car to illustrate how dangerous it is for kids and pets.

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An Open Letter To White YouTube Pranksters


Hey White people, come gather around.


These Two Dogs Arguing Through An Open Fence Are The Perfect Analogy For Every Internet Argument

By | 9 Comments

Dogs arguing through an open fence amusingly demonstrate how every argument on the internet looks to the casual observer.


If I Fits, It Stinks: This Lion Cub Got His Head Stuck In A Dead Buffalo’s Anus

By | 6 Comments

A lion cub found himself at the wrong end of a dead buffalo after rushing towards the carrion to get some sweet, sweet sweetmeats.


Watch This Dog Muster Some Courage To Go Down The Stairs Past The Family Cat

By | 9 Comments

There's a little bit of everything in this video of a poor dog that is paralyzed with fear over a devious cat.


People Still Believe That This Six-Year Old Gatorade Commercial Is Actually Real

By | 17 Comments

It was about six years ago that a video of a ball girl at a Fresno Grizzlies baseball game making an impossible catch in the left field corner was “leaked” and started going viral at an insane rate.

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Here’s A Dude Confronting Two Old Ladies Just Calmly Trying To Take His Stuff From The Beach

By | 34 Comments

Has to be hard to stay calm when you catch two people attempting to take your stuff at the beach.


Because They Do Move In Herds, Here’s The Screaming Goat Remix Of ‘Jurassic Park’

By | 3 Comments

Goats singing the 'Jurassic Park' theme are totally our anti-drug, yet ironically much funnier if you're high.

Bicycle Violence

Watch This Kid Ghost Ride His Bicycle While Punching Another Kid In The Face

By | 13 Comments

It might be a bit of a cheap shot, but he certainly lands it with plenty of style.


Important News For ‘Game Of Thrones’ Fans: Everybody’s Getting Replaced With Pugs

By | 9 Comments

'The Pugs Of Westeros' stars Roxy, Blue, and Bono as several characters from 'Game Of Thrones'. Wheezing is coming.


‘The Slap’ Is The More Honest Sequel To That Strangers Kissing Video

By | 3 Comments

It's an excuse to watch attractive people hit other attractive people, which is something we NEVER see in the movies or on TV.

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