Someone Posted A Craigslist Ad Offering A Wedding Ring For Chiefs-Broncos Tickets


In a very vague and random Craigslist post, someone offered a diamond wedding band for tickets to Sunday's Chiefs-Broncos game.


Luke Bryan’s Wife And A Playboy Playmate Trashed A Wedding Dress Southern Style


Country star Luke Bryan's wife Caroline and Playboy Playmate Tiffany Fallon trashed a wedding dress Southern style for a photo shoot.


Bon Jovi Walked A Fan Down The Aisle At The Graceland Wedding Chapel In Vegas

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Jon Bon Jovi has always seemed like a good dude. This story pretty much confirms it.


Seth Meyers Tells Letterman About His Wife Getting Food Poisoning On Their Wedding Day From An Oyster


Getting food poisoning sucks. Getting food poisoning on your wedding day, like Seth Meyers' wife did, must REALLY suck.


Stephen Colbert Heroically Saved A Wedding That Was Ruined By The Government Shutdown

By | 14 Comments

Stephen Colbert officiated a couple's wedding that was supposed to take place at the Jefferson Memorial.


These Pop Culture Engagement Photoshops Make All Other Marriages Obsolete

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No one else can get married, because these engagement photos are THE BEST.


Brad Pitt Crashed A Wedding And It Was Probably Awesome For The Groom

By | 21 Comments

Brad Pitt is currently in England filming Fury, which is the story of some American soldiers who embark on an against-all-odds mission at the end of World War II that doesn’t make me experience déjà vu at all, and he took a little break last Friday to grab a drink at the hotel bar.


Penguin Pees On Bride


A couple tries to include a penguin in their wedding photos.


Let’s Play A Game: Which LeBron James Wedding Details Are Real And Which Are Fake?

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By the time that six or seven million people read this post, the first several dozen guests for Miami Heat star LeBron James' wedding will have arrived in San Diego to begin preparing for what I am boldly calling the “Biggest Wedding of the Weekend.


Fire Breather Crashes And Burns


An Argentinian fire breather performs at a beach wedding, and it does not go well.


An Ohio Man Sold His Copy Of The Amazing Spider-Man No. 1 To Pay For His Daughter's Wedding

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A retired father in Ohio dug up his old comic books and sold his copy of The Amazing Spider-Man No. 1 to help pay for his daughter's wedding.

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Nick Offerman Declines Wedding Invitations In A Way That Would Make Ron Swanson Proud

By | 8 Comments

Even if Nick Offerman doesn't want to come to your wedding, he'll still add a Ron Swanson touch.


A Bride Used Buckcherry’s ‘Crazy Bitch’ For Her Wedding March And Defended It On YouTube

By | 15 Comments

After a woman uploaded video of her mother using a cover of Buckcherry's 'Crazy Bitch' for her wedding march, they hit the YouTube comments to defend it.


Wedding Photographer’s Quadcopter Drills Groom In The Face


A wedding photographer's quadcopter -- armed with a GoPro camera -- flies right into the side of the groom's head.


Here Come The Tears Again: Dying 2-Year-Old Son Was The Best Man At His Parents’ Wedding


Two-year-old Logan Stevenson only has a few months to live, so his parents made him the Best Man at their wedding.


This Couple’s Movie Poster Inspired Wedding Announcements Have Set The Bar Way Too High

By | 13 Comments

Inspired newlyweds Josh and Rachel decided to up the ante on standard boring wedding announcements.


The Best Cosplay Day Four Of Comic-Con 2013

By | 5 Comments

We've collected our 30 favorite cosplay pictures from the final day of Comic-Con 2013, including Robin proposing marriage to Poison Ivy.


Wounded Aurora Shooting Couple Got Married On Its One-Year Anniversary ‘To Remember The Day Differently’


Two lovers who were wounded in the Aurora movie theater shootings got married on its one-year anniversary.

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