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An Excited Fan Brings Street Cred To The Weezer Cruise With His One-Sided Rap Battle With Rivers Cuomo

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Who knew things got so wild on the Weezer Cruise? Nothing like an impromptu rap battle to get the blood pumping for some power pop classics!

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Here’s Weezer’s First New Song In Three Years, ‘Back To The Shack’

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Weezer went on a boat cruise, and came back with a new song.

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Philly-Based Band Hurry Will Bring Back Warm, Fuzzy Memories Of Early Weezer


Hurry might be the closest new band we have to early Weezer.

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The Lord Taketh Away The Mark McGrath/Sugar Ray Cruise, The Lord Giveth The Weezer Cruise

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"Say It Ain't So" would be a great name for a memoir about the Weezer cruise in the event it turns into another Poop Cruise.

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When 6 Long-Running Bands/Musicians Should Have Called It Quits

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Over the weekend, British tabloid the Mirror <a href="">claimed</a> that after playing the Glastonbury Festival next year, the Rolling Stones were going to call it quits.


Review: Haywire

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All Steak No Sizzle Steven Soderbergh's 2011 output reminds me a lot of post-Pinkerton Weezer.


Bee Mystery Solved, Toddlers Online, and The Original Justin Bieber

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In the past four years, twenty to forty percent of bee colonies in the U.



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This is the video for Weezer's new single, “(If You’re Wondering If I Want You To) I Want You To”, which is FilmDrunk worthy because it was directed by (500) Days of Summer director Marc Webb -- presumably they bonded over shared love of unnecessary parentheses.

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