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From Beastie Boys To Weezer: A Thorough Look At Spike Jonze’s Most Iconic Music Videos

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From "Buddy Holly" to "Weapon of Choice" and "Sabotage," here are 15 of Spike Jonze's most iconic music videos.


Frotcast 225: In Which We Interview Nerd Punk Pioneer And YouTuber Extraordinaire Parry Gripp

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We cover the career of Parry Gripp, from "Weezer knock off" lead singer, to the hottest jingle and theme song writer in Hollywood.


Weezer Celebrated The Release Of Their New Album By Performing On ‘Kimmel’

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Rivers and his puffy vest play a new song on "Jimmy Kimmel Live."


Stream The New Weezer Album That’s Being Called Their Best Since ‘Pinkerton’

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Is the new Weezer album, "Everything Will Be Alright In the End," their best since "Pinkerton"? Have a listen.


1994 For The Win: The 20 Greatest Things To Happen In Pop Culture 20 Years Ago

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1994 was an amazing year for pop culture. Here are the best movies, TV shows, and albums it had to offer.


Say It Ain’t So: Fox Is Making A Sitcom About Rivers Cuomo

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"In a very special episode of the Rivers Cuomo Show, Rivers will go on a vacation...across the sea."

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Weezer’s New Single ‘Back To The Shack’ Rocks Us Out Like It’s 1994

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The new audio for Weezer's 'Back to the Shack' should give the band's loyal fans hope for a great album.


Weezer Is Really Trying To Get Our Hopes Up For ‘Everything Will Be Alright In The End’

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Weezer's weekly teaser video release continued with the making of the pretty rad cover art for 'Everything Will Be Alright in the End.'


Will Ferrell And Chad Smith Are Setting Their Sights On Lars Ulrich For Their Next Drum Battle

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Chad Smith and Will Ferrell aren't done their feud yet, and now they are adding more people to the fight.


Ranking Weezer’s Albums, From Worst To Best

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To celebrate 20 years of "The Blue Album," let's rank all of Weezer's albums.


‘Undone': The Story Behind Weezer’s Debut Album Cover


Here's the story behind one of the iconic album covers of the 1990s.


“Undone”: The Story Behind Weezer’s Debut Album Cover

By | 12 Comments

The players behind the creation of the inconic Blue Album's artwork tell how it came to be.


Listen To ‘Say It Ain’t SoCal,’ The Weezer/Weezer Mashup You Weezer Knew You Weezer’d

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The genius who brought us Smash Mouth/Lennon and System of a Down/Elton John adds Weezer to Weezer to create a song mash-up of Weezer proportions.

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An Excited Fan Brings Street Cred To The Weezer Cruise With His One-Sided Rap Battle With Rivers Cuomo

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Who knew things got so wild on the Weezer Cruise? Nothing like an impromptu rap battle to get the blood pumping for some power pop classics!

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Here’s Weezer’s First New Song In Three Years, ‘Back To The Shack’

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Weezer went on a boat cruise, and came back with a new song.

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Philly-Based Band Hurry Will Bring Back Warm, Fuzzy Memories Of Early Weezer


Hurry might be the closest new band we have to early Weezer.

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