Wendy’s Sick Burn On Zack Ryder Is Brand Interactivity Done Right

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Wendy's starts some fresh, never frozen Twitter beef with the sad purple man from Long Island.

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Order A Burger And A Side Of Enthusiasm From The Best Drive-Thru Operator In New Jersey

By | 5 Comments

Thanks to one diner, the world now has audio of a man in New Jersey who may be one of the world's most jovial fast food workers.


Austin 3:16 Says America Needs More BBQ

By | 9 Comments

Steve Austin stars in a new Wendy's commercial because PORK and THE 90s and AMERICA.


Wendy’s Just Took A Steaming Dump On Your Favorite ’90s Hard Rock Ballad

By | 43 Comments

Fans of '90s hard rock ballads are decidedly NOT happy about this latest Wendy's commercial.


Boyz II Men Turned Tweets Into Love Songs To Sell Wendy’s Pretzel Buns

By | 3 Comments

Boyz II Men made a commercial about pretzels for Wendy's, because they're not Boyz; they're Men, and Men need to provide.


Meet The Genius Pervert Who Went Through The Same Wendy's Drive-Thru Naked Three Times

By | 6 Comments

What's dumber than going through the same fast food drive-thru naked three times? Doing it over the course of two days!


A Very Scientific Ranking Of The 29 Worst Celebrity Guests In WrestleMania History

By | 116 Comments

We're counting down the 29 worst celebrity guests in WWE WrestleMania history, from Kim Kardashian to the 'Where's the Beef?' lady.


Hey Fast Food Employees, Please Stop Doing Disgusting Stuff To The Food You Serve Us

By | 16 Comments

A Wendy's employee eating Frosty ice cream out of the machine was featured on Reddit yesterday, leaving many to ask what's up with fast food employees.


Calories For Charity: Get Unlimited, Free Frostys From Wendy’s

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Americans love win-win situations and what's better than supporting adopted kids and getting free ice cream.

#Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles

Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles Hate Fast Food, Rob Wisconsin Wendy’s


Growing up, I always admired the way that the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles never used handguns in any of their battles (despite what their marketing campaign may reflect).


Hey Taco Bell, Where’s The Beef?

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An Alabama law firm is suing Taco Bell over accusations that the pseudo-Mexican fast food chain is not living up to government standards with its meat.


20,000 Calories Of Real American News

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When I was a kid, my favorite night of the week was Burger King night.

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