David Duchovny Really Wants To Return To ‘Twin Peaks’ As DEA Agent Denise Bryson

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David Duchovny really wants to dress in drag and revisit the role of DEA Agent Denise Bryson in next year's 'Twin Peaks' series.

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The Most Star-Studded Episodes To Watch During FXX’s ‘The Simpsons’ Marathon

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Get your DVRs ready to record these episodes that feature some of the biggest stars to ever offer their voices to 'The Simpsons.'

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Gillian Anderson Discusses Why She And David Duchovny Never Had A Romantic Relationship

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Gillian Anderson says that she and David Duchovny never had a real life fling. Or did they? They Didn't. But maybe?

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Chris Brown – ‘X Files’ EP

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The embattled crooner releases his first collection of music as a bald and rehabilitated man.


10 Fascinating Facts About The 'Home' Episode Of The 'X-Files', The Most Disturbing Hour In TV History

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Sixteen years later, and the 'X-Files' episode, 'Home,' still remains the most disturbing thing to ever air on network television.


Because We Care: The 15 Best TV Series On Amazon Prime Instant

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Netflix or Amazon Prime Instant? Here's my pitch for why the latter may be your better choice.

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How Does CBS’s ‘Elementary’ Stack Up Against Five Of The Best Post-Super Bowl Lead-Out Programs

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If you were thinking that this year you'd avoid binge drinking during the semi-annual Patriots vs.

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Is This The Most Terrifying Episode Of Television Of All Time? Yes. Yes, It Is

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Appreciating the scariest episode of all-time, the 'X-Files' 'Home.'


Ranking Television’s 10 Most Epic NOOOOOOOOO Moments

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A ranking of the ten best NOOOOOOOOOO moments in television, from the straight up NOOOOOOOOOO to the comedic NOOOOOOOOOOs.


Agent Scully Saying "Oh My God"


More than two full minutes of Dana Scully saying “Oh My God” on The X-Files.


Wrigley Field Is Gross, Hosts Alien Virus

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Recent inspection reports from Chicago's Wrigley Field show that out of 35 concessions, health inspectors found 20 critical violations at nine booths.

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A JoBlo tipster has provided some pictures for the set of the X-Files movie – but I must warn you…These pics contain the spoiler to pwn* all spoilers.

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USA Today has this still from the production of the new X-Files movie to go along with an article that reports, among other things, that the picture won’t deal with the alien plotline.



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Rapper Xzibit, Amanda Peet [NWS pics - you're welcome] and Scottish comic Billy Connolly have signed on for director Chris Carter's next big-screen adaptation of the hit TV series.

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