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Shatner Rejects Takei’s Bid For Peace Among the Star Franchises?

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When we last left the hilarious YouTube feud between the Shat and Carrie Fisher, George Takei had stepped in as a mediator with a combination of flattery, common sense, <a href="">and a threat to post a photoshopped image of Shatner as Jabba the Hutt caressing Carrie Fisher</a>.


George Takei Ends the Kirk/Leia Feud To Beat on Twihards

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Someday, we'll be mature enough to feature an article about George Takei that doesn't have him running around sweaty and shirtless.


Your Brief Guide to the Awesome Leia/Kirk YouTube Feud

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We're not going to take sides in this ongoing and eternal war except to say both represent large corporations taking your childhood love out behind the woodshed and doing unspeakable things to it.

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