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KTVU Is Trying To Erase The ‘Sum Ting Wong’ & ‘Ho Lee Fuk’ Incident From YouTube

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San Francisco's KTVU is trying to rewrite history on YouTube, with the help of copyright laws.

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Watch This Video Of Skrillex Getting Knocked Out On Stage In Mexico. Then Watch It Again.

By | 21 Comments

Everything you've ever wanted to happen to Skrillex in a seven-second clip.


Finally, ‘Anchorman’ Received The 8-Bit Video Game Treatment

By | 6 Comments

The <a href="" target="_blank">folks at CineFix</a> are responsible for spiking my Ovaltine with some happiness today, as they posted an “8-bit” video game version of Anchorman to YouTube last week, and if there’s anything my inner frat boy loves, it’s 8-bit video games (easy to play when hammered) and Anchorman (the babes at Tri Delt love when I quote it).


Listen To The First Gay-Themed Country YouTube Hit, ‘All-American Boy’

By | 2 Comments

YouTube has its first gay-themed country hit, "All-American Boy" by Steve Grand.


The Top YouTube Comment on the Grown Ups 2 Trailer

By | 15 Comments

I was just watching the Grown Ups 2 trailer on <a href="" target="_blank">YouTube</a> (research) and I noticed that this was the top comment.

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Justin Timberlake’s ‘Tunnel Vision’ Video Is Back On YouTube Despite ‘Artistic’ Nudity

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YouTube allowed Justin Timberlake's video for "Tunnel Vision" to remain online despite female nudity because it was deemed to be of an artistic nature.

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Watch The Internet Put George Michael Bluth’s Unfailing Internal Clock To The Glorious Test

By | 7 Comments

One stickler-for-details AD fan decided he'd test George Michael Bluth's "unfailing internal clock."


Our Friend Leon Purvis Is Back To Ask Gabby Douglas On A Date

By | 7 Comments

Back in December, almost five months after she’d risen to fame as America’s newest Olympic sweetheart, gold medalist Gabby Douglas <a href="" target="_blank">received a prom invite from a young man named Leon Purvis</a>, who was exponentially more genuine and sincere than that guy who wanted to take Kate Upton to prom.


Reel Or Fake? Watch A 6-Year Old Kid Haul In A 100-Pound Tarpon

By | 6 Comments

A 6-year old boy is becoming an Internet star after video was posted of him catching and reeling in a 100-pound tarpon almost entirely on his own.

Emomali Rahmon

Here’s The Karaoke Video That’s So Bad, Its Existence Led To An Entire Country Banning YouTube

By | 3 Comments

How to stop an embarrassing video from going viral: ban YouTube. Note: only works if you're an evil president of a country like Tajikistan.


Watch People Hilariously Lose A Staring Contest For A Samsung Galaxy S4

By | 11 Comments

Earning a Galaxy S4 is a lot harder than it looks. BA-DUM-TISH!


Multi-Racial Cheerios Commercial Reminds Us That YouTube Commenters Are The Worst

By | 65 Comments

A Cheerios commercial that features a multi-racial family forced the company to disable YouTube comments because of people posting horrible racist remarks.


Happy Long Weekend. Here Are Four New ‘Arrested Development’ Clips To Get You To Sunday

By | 19 Comments

As a final easter egg for easter eggs, if you will, Netflix has just launched an interactive container poster with five hidden items.

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‘We Didn’t Start The Viral’ Is A Musical Recap Of YouTube’s Greatest Hits


YouTube has seen many famous-for-a-week celebrities over the past eight years. "We Didn't Start the Viral" is a musical tribute for them.


It’s The Great GIF Debate Explained In Song Form

By | 5 Comments

YouTube artist Jonathan Mann contributes to the great GIF debate of 2013 with his song, "Don't Say GIF", which tackles the whole pronunciation argument.

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