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Here’s Your First Look At Jason Momoa As Aquaman From ‘Batman v Superman’

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Zack Snyder tweeted out a special teaser poster showing Jason Momoa as Aquaman from 'Batman V. Superman.'


Here Are 5 Reasons Why A New ‘Batman’ TV Show Needs To Happen

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With the news that Batman will at least be mentioned in 'Titans', we wonder if the time is right for a 'Batman' TV series.


‘The Avengers’ Re-Cut Like Zack Snyder’s ‘Watchmen’ Is Still Totally Watchable

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Here's what 'The Avengers' may have looked like had Zack Snyder never joined the DC side.

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A Cast Photo May Reveal If Jesse Eisenberg Is Going Bald For ‘Batman V Superman’

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The first promo photo for Jesse Eisenberg's current movie hints at how he probably looked a few months ago during the 'Batman V Superman' shoot.


An Important Character Isn’t In ‘Batman V Superman’ For The Worst Reason (Spoiler)

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An iconic character is reportedly already dead when 'Batman V Superman: Dawn Of Justice' begins. Spoilers inside.


Jeremy Irons Says ‘Batman V Superman’ Has A ‘Different’ Alfred; What Does That Mean?

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Jeremy Irons has teased that Alfred will be "quite different" in 'Batman V Superman', but that could be quite the challenge.

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‘Batman V Superman’ Allegedly Has A Cameo From An Unexpected Batvillain

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At this rate, 'Batman V Superman: Dawn Of Justice' is going to make 'Spider-Man 3' look positively unpopulated.


Watch These Dudes Burn Calories By Recreating That Iconic ‘300’ Fight Scene

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These group of guys went to the gym and recreated the famous '300 'fight scene stunt for stunt.


‘Batman V Superman’ Set Video, Pictures: Superman And Lois, Some Strings Attached

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'Batman V Superman: Dawn Of Justice' moves production to Chicago, and with it come new set photos and video.

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Warner Wants A Woman To Direct The Wonder Woman Movie

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Thankfully Zack Snyder's sticky fingers are being kept away from Wonder Woman's solo movie.

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The Newest ‘Justice League’ Plot Rumors Reveal The Villains And More

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Now that we know Zack Snyder is directing 'Justice League' and its sequel for 2017 and 2019, here's a roundup of the plot rumors.

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Jason Momoa Is Aquaman, Warner Reveals ‘The Flash’ Cast & Upcoming Movies, Including ‘Suicide Squad’

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Warner just revealed several of their upcoming movies, along with an announcement of who'll be playing Aquaman and The Flash.

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‘Batman V Superman’ Producer Just Leaked Which Origin Story Wonder Woman Will Have

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'Batman V Superman' producer Charles Roven seems to have accidentally revealed which origin story will be used for Wonder Woman in the film.

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Ben Affleck Regrets ‘Daredevil’. That Makes Two Of Us.

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"Indeed I have regrets about 'Daredevil'." Ben Affleck speaks frankly about 'Batman V Superman' and that other superhero he played.

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New ‘Batman V Superman’ Set Pictures Show Civilian Backlash And A Huge Spoiler

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'Batman V Superman' set photos show not everyone is a Superman fan. Plus, we have a big spoiler, and a familiar-looking location is built.

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J.J. Abrams Released A Video Of The Millennium Falcon With A ‘Batman V Superman’ Easter Egg

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J.J. Abrams has fired back at Zack Snyder with a 'Star Wars: Episode VII' set video of the Millennium Falcon with a "hunka junk" hanging on.

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Here’s An Official Look At The New Batmobile From ‘Batman V. Superman’

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In response to set photos of the new batmobile leaking, Zack Snyder tweeted out an official look at Batman's new ride.

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‘Batman V Superman’ Set Photos Offer A Good Look At The Batmobile

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These set photos provide our best look yet at the new Batmobile in 'Batman V Superman: Dawn Of Justice'.

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