The Flipping Dead


What's scarier than brain-craving zombies.


How to Kill Zombies With a Toilet Brush


When the inevitable zombie apocalypse happens, one must be able to quickly convert household items into weapons.


Bad Lip Reading: The Walking Dead


<a href="">The Walking Dead</a> gets the always entertaining <a href="">Bad Lip Reading</a> treatment.


Lily Collins To Star In 'Pride and Prejudice and Zombies', Which Returns From The Dead With A New Director

By | 5 Comments

The film adaptation of 'Pride and Prejudice and Zombies' returns from the dead with yet another director and lead actor.


World War Z Trailer: Brad Pitt’s dumb kids don’t understand martial law

By | 29 Comments

After being bumped from its original December 2012 release, the I haven't read the book, but from what I understand, it's an oral history of a zombie apocalypse told after the fact.

Brad Pitt

Second ‘World War Z’ Trailer Leaks Early, Still Looks, Uh…

By | 13 Comments

The second trailer for 'World War Z' has leaked early, and it thankfully makes a little more sense than the last one. That's not saying much.


Junkie Zombies Try Not To Relapse On Brains In BBC’s ‘In The Flesh’

By | 2 Comments

"Keep Calm And Avoid The Undead" in the first three videos about BBC Three series 'In The Flesh' about zombies being rehabilitated.


Coming Soon: ‘Afterlife With Archie’ Imagines Riverdale With Zombies

By | 7 Comments

Normally I like to leave the actual comic book news to my bros at Gamma Squad, because they actually read them and <a href="">know what they’re talking about</a>, but today I noticed a headline and immediately thought, “Damn it, this is going to be a movie.


UPROXX Video: Backstory During A Zombie Apocalypse Is Hard


This couldn't be more fitting the day after The Walking Dead finally got some character development right.


Canadian Parliament Debates Zombie Apocalypse, Mocks Quebec

By | 8 Comments

Members of Canada's House of Commons debated Canada's preparation for the zombie apocalypse, all as a roundabout (roundaboot?) way to mock Quebec.


The Zombie Apocalypse Has Begun In Montana, Reports TV Station Prankster

By | 2 Comments

Someone in Montana hacked into the Emergency Alert System to warn that "bodies of the dead are rising from their graves and attacking the living."

local news

TV Hacker Warns Viewers Of 'Dead Bodies Rising From The Grave' (And The Morning Links)


A TV station in Montana was hacked and told viewers that "dead bodies were rising from the grave," and the rest of the Morning Links.


A Real Zombie Discusses ‘The Walking Dead’


Garth, a real life zombie, discusses Hollywood's misrepresentations of zombies.

#The Walking Dead

20 Celebrities Who Could Quite Possibly Be Real-Life Zombies


In this walking dead obsessed culture of ours identifying the notorious personalities who may actually be biters just seems like a prudent exercise.


Brad Pitt Rides The Zombie Wave Again In ‘World War Z’ Super Bowl Spot

By | 3 Comments

Paramount released the Super Bowl spot for Brad Pitt's 'World War Z', and it's still full of underwhelming zombie piles.


Introducing ‘Undead Teds’ — The Teddy Bears That Want To Eat Your Brains

By | 4 Comments

British “Artist for Hire” Phillip Blackman has outdone himself with a new series of zombie teddy bears known as "UndeadTeds". Simply put: "UndeadTeds are repurposed soft toys transformed into fluffy, bloody horrors to keep you awake at night."


Five New Clips From Zombie Romance ‘Warm Bodies’ Show Us What They’re Working With

By | 13 Comments

The newest clips from zombie romance 'Warm Bodies' haven't killed our excitement yet.

‘Mythbusters’ Wants Your Help For Their Zombie-Themed Episode

By | 7 Comments

Discovery Channel's "Mythbusters" is doing an episode all about zombies, and they're looking for fan volunteers to help them out.


Bros Before Brains: New Clips And Posters From Zombie Romance 'Warm Bodies'

By | 3 Comments

Summit released new clips from zombie romance 'Warm Bodies', which gives us all the excuse we needed to catch up on the other stuff we forgot to cover.


It’s The First 8 Minutes Of Brad Pitt In ‘World War Z’… Described By Someone

By | 51 Comments

There’s really not much to say about the disaster in a disaster that is World War Z, the film adaptation of Max Brooks’ outstanding zombie novel that isn’t actually based on the book, that we haven’t already said before.

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