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AT&T Learns 'Unlimited' Doesn't Mean 'What We Feel Like' In Court

By / 02.27.12

As we all know, AT&T is not exactly popular among, well, anybody, but until recently, they were the only network with an iPhone. And they, along with Verizon, insisted that customers were beating down their doors demanding to be charged more and get less in terms of wireless data.

Well, some of those customers were a wee bit upset, especially since even grandfathered “unlimited” data plans got severely throttled despite the fact that AT&T’s claims they were data hogs turned out to be garbage.

Enter Matt Spaccarelli, the Internet’s new hero.

Spaccarelli, a truck driver, thought that “unlimited” didn’t mean “the data rate we’ll give you when we feel like it, peasant,” and took AT&T to small claims court — and got $850 out of them.

In case you were wondering, AT&T has a forced arbitration clause in the contract you sign with them preventing you from engaging in a class-action lawsuit. On the other hand, this proves nothing is stopping those 17 million users on an unlimited plan from taking them to small claims court. So, yeah, that $4 billion you wrote off for your failed T-Mobile merger, AT&T? You might want to brace for another one.

(Image via Fashionable Tech Flaws)


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