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Here’s The Creepiest/Greatest Ad For An Air Conditioner You’ve Ever Seen

By 11.26.12

It’s time to play everyone’s favorite game: Argentinian air conditioner ad, or short film by Charlie Kaufman?

OK, so, if you read the title, you already know that this is not a (credited) Charlie Kaufman short film, but rather an ad for air conditioner company BGH touting the necessity of their product to the fine people of Argentina.

It starts out a bit quirky and fairly rapidly takes a turn to the actively disturbing, not to mention awesome. Behold:

We like the moment where the guy imagines what the world would be like if sunscreen were gasoline. Burning people are always highly entertaining.

We’re teasing a little bit, but the truth is, we wish more television advertising were nearly as ballsy as this. True, overseas you can get away with a lot more, like this infamous ad that ran in France:

Here in America, the best we do is learning about a new song from Apple ads. True, occasionally there are flashes of brilliance, but usually they come from contests or just an ad agency getting in a one-off.

So, please, ad people: More psychopaths, cinematic violence, and other fun stuff. OK, so the Parent’s Television Council might object, but hey, they were never buying your stuff anyway.

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