A Man Had A Smartphone Built Into His Arm


ED. NOTE: Well, okay, it’s a prosthetic arm, BUT STILL!

I was just about to slam my laptop closed for the day, and then I saw Magary tweet this from The Telegraph:

Trevor Prideaux, who was born without his left arm, used to have to balance the smartphone on his prosthetic arm or put it on a flat surface to use it.

But now Mr Prideaux, 50, can call and text his loved ones without moving the mobile, which is embedded into his fibreglass and laminate limb.

The catering manager sought help from medical experts and communications chiefs at Nokia to build the special prosthethic.

They carefully carved a phone shaped fibrecast cradle into the skin-coloured prototype, allowing his Nokia C7 to sit inside it.

“I can now take calls and make texts just by using my one hand, while the phone sits inside my arm.

He should have just waited for Siri.

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