Porn Is Coming To Google Glass Because Of Course It Is

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05.29.13 9 Comments

Technology: Making Life More Uncomfortable Daily!

It’s really only a matter of time before a new technology is used to gratify human desire. We had barely invented paint before we started drawing dirty pictures. So it’s perhaps not a surprise that Google Glass will be getting a porn app ASAP.

Being built by the not-at-all-troublingly-named MiKandi, the app will pretty much exactly what you’d expect:

Being hands-free and hassle-free is a simple but big difference Glass has over other similar devices. It’s so easy and familiar to wear, that from a shooter’s perspective it feels like you’re recording with your own eyes. Because it feels so natural, you can forget about the technology and just be in the moment.

It’s not really the, ah, recording of intimate moments that weirds us out, Google Glass being used for that is pretty much a forgone conclusion. What’s a bit grosser is the idea of watching said videos on Google Glass, especially in public.

People watching adult content on their devices in public is actually a fairly common problem. While Glass may be a more private viewing experience, the simple fact of the matter is some people have no sense of boundaries. We’ve already talked about Google Glass’s potentially very serious etiquette problems, and this really just adds a new layer to that.

Of course, people are free to do what they want. We’re just saying that Glass owners shouldn’t be surprised if people start assuming they’re perverts.

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