Beauty Queen Saves NY Times Reporter Brian Stelter From Weinergate-esque Twitter Humiliation


Okay, this is just begging to made into a romantic comedy. BEGGING! Like, I can see this being a more modern version of You’ve Got Mail or something. Except without Tom Hanks. At least I hope.

Anyway, here’s the short version of what happened in the Apple Store on 5th Avenue in New York this morning: New York Times media reporter Brian Stelter — one of the main subjects in the great new documentary on the paper, Page One — went into the store and apparently decided to log-in to Twitter on one of the iPads on display there. When Stelter, who started out as a TV blogger and is arguably the most wired, web-savvy writer on staff at the paper (Full disclosure: I’ve met Brian and wrote about how he and Drew over at KSK used Twitter to lose weight last year for Yahoo.) left the store, he forgot to log out of his Twitter account. That’s where gorgeous model/writer Salma Khan comes in. (You know where this is going, right? Some guys have all the luck!)

Khan — who describes herself on her page as “German born. American bred. Sagittarius. Preacher’s daughter. Oneiric. Girl Scouts Alum. Actress. Army Brat. Miss India IL ’09. Writer. Carolina Girl.” — went in later to charge her iPhone and, while she waited, decided to play around on an iPad. She then noticed Stelter was logged in, so she tweeted this…

Amusingly, she appeared to have no idea that Stelter is one of the more widely-read reporters on the planet, though she did take notice of his verified account. She was also kind enough to log him out, saving him the humiliation of his own potential Weinergate.

When Stelter took note of her kindness, he was, of course, appreciative…

And, like a true gentleman, Stelter offered Khan tickets to see the film he’s currently featured in, though he squashed any hope for a romance to spring from all this (Note to Brian: This is why you don’t have a girlfriend when a movie comes out that you’re starring in! JUST SAYING!)

Khan made a video from inside the Apple Store about the whole thing…

And here’s the trailer for Page One, the film about the Times that Stelter, along with my pal David Carr, is currently featured in. Go see it if it’s playing near you…

Finally, COME ON!

(Pics via Khan’s Twitter and pages)

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