We Pick The Best Five Of Google’s Top Apps For 2017

Senior Contributor


Google has announced its favorite apps for 2017 and some of them are great. Others are a wee bit niche; Socratic might be handy if you’re a high school student, and it’s undeniably impressive tech, but once you’re out of high school, it’s probably less useful.

So, which of these apps are the most useful, fun, or otherwise awesome? These are our five picks among Google’s faves.


Notin is only a “hidden gem” according to the Goog, but it’ll probably be your app of the year. Just open the app, type in a note, and it makes it into a notification. That is, your note sits on your phone, easily accessible even if it’s locked, and you can just swipe it away when you’re done. It’s great for on the fly lists like grocery lists, holiday shopping lists, and brief sets of directions, and ideal for quick reminders.

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