HP’s TouchPad Disaster Still Came In Second in Tablet Sales

Senior Contributor

Hewlett Packard had big plans for its TouchPad. Plans so big that they could apparently ditch them with a moment’s notice when their would-be iPad killer failed to sell iPad level numbers at an iPad level price. We’re still trying to figure out why they thought they could charge $500 for a tablet; come on, guys, you’re not exactly a boutique name. Everybody owns (and hates) your printers.

Anyway, HP infamously pulled the plug and hocked the rest of the remaining stock for $99 (not that it was worth it at all, but hey, if you needed an iPad knockoff…), and now that the sales numbers have come in…it was the second best-selling tablet of the last ten months, with 17 percent of the market.

Apple? Oh, Apple has 40% of the market. Yeah, they were also the only tablet manufacturer to sell over a million tablets. So, uh, keep pluggin’, guys!

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