Instagram To Come to Android, Hipsters To Whine About It Going Mainstream

Senior Contributor

We could be polite about this, but why bother? Instragram is a digital plague. Seriously. The next time you take a photo, and decide to apply a quick digital filter, stop. Ask yourself if, first of all, the photo needs this filter and also to be cut into a square, and secondly, whether or not you are doing this to make your photo “interesting.” If you know it’s boring…why are you sharing it?

But if you have an Android phone, until now you’ve haven’t had an opportunity to annoy the rest of us. But don’t worry! You will! And soon!

This is because Instagram has managed to build a $500 million empire out of nothing more than photo-sharing, something most sites wish they could pull off. But we have to ask, do they realize what evil they’re inflicting on the world? At least institute software filtering out pictures of babies and food, for God’s sake. Stop the madness!

(Image via Instagram)

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