Apple’s iOS10 GIF Library Is Hiding Some Pretty Gross Stuff

By: 09.15.16


Any operating system is going to have bugs on launch. Nobody is perfect, after all. Still, sometimes companies get so preoccupied with problems in the code they forget to go through the system and find the more human “errors” that crop up whenever you try to crowdsource acceptable content. And it appears Apple’s fallen afoul of this yet again, in the form of My Little Pony fan art.

As reported by The Concourse, right now, if you go into iOS10’s GIF library and search for “butt,” you’ll find an animation of Fluttershy acting very much out of character. We won’t share the exact GIF, but suffice to say it probably got through because the artist remained faithful to the, ah, anatomically inaccurate nature of My Little Pony. Any algorithm scanning the internet’s bottomless GIF repositories for crotches and boobs probably didn’t notice anything wrong with a My Little Pony acting more like she’s in a Ginuwine video.

This is likely only the first of many hilarious time bombs lurking in iOS10. [UPDATE: Sure enough, The Concourse found actual pornography in iOS10 shortly after this post went up.] Filtering the entire internet is more or less impossible and it’s only a matter of time before we stumble across more. Which is good, because we’re going to need a little time to get the image of Fluttershy dancing to “Pony” out of our heads.

(via The Concourse)

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