Next On MPAA's Hit List: HotFile

03.09.12 6 years ago

One of the problems with the whole Megaupload debacle is that even as the site was being shut down, it was revealed that a lot of its customers were actually legit and just trying to get the fourth quarter spreadsheets to their boss in a timely manner. Oh, and also upset that they lost their files in the middle of this whole mess.

You’d think this would teach the MPAA and RIAA a valuable lesson about negotiating and not ticking off their customers, and you’d be completely wrong, because now they’re after Hotfile.

The difference? Hotfile is fairly law-abiding: it’s been trying to provide a service without ticking off pirate haters. In fact, one wonders if this might be tied to Hotfile taking Warner Brothers to court for DMCA abuse.

Either way, back up your files, kids. It’s going to be a bumpy ride.

(Image courtesy HotFile)

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