Twitter Plans To Spam You Weekly

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If you’re the administrator of a page, or several pages, on Facebook, you already know about the Weekly Facebook Update, wherein Facebook lets you know that these pages exist and hey, you should log in and look at them!

And apparently Twitter decided that was such an awesome idea that everybody needed it, because now you’re going to get yet another “weekly newsletter” of “most relevant” Twitter messages:

Twitter has begun sending users a weekly e-mail digest of the “most relevant” tweets and stories shared by the people they follow. The introduction of the feature comes a few months after Twitter acquired Summify, a startup that gathered news from a user’s various social networks and compiled it in daily e-mails.

Notice there was nothing in there about how users demanded this feature.

We got ours, just like you did, and frankly we’re not sure what Twitter’s trying to achieve: it’s basically a collection of news stories your friends are tweeting about, followed by a bunch of tweets by celebrities because your friends are relentless Ashton Kutcher spam machines.

In other words, Twitter decided to spam us because they bought a startup and aren’t sure what to do with it. Uh, thanks?

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