Ubuntu Snobs Deign To Program For Tablets

Senior Contributor

Ubuntu and I have a complicated relationship. I love that it’s powerful and free, but I absolutely hate the smug superiority of Ubuntu users, which is rivaled only by the smug superiority of people who use Unix but don’t use Ubuntu. Seriously, if you feel morally superior to somebody because of software that runs on a chunk of silicon, you need a new hobby.

Anyway, nerd jokes aside, the Ubuntu community finally broke up their ongoing project to keep their documentation out of date, stuck their heads out into actual consumer computing (i.e. stuff people care about), and realized that, hey, lots of people were using these smartphones and tablets and maybe they should think about bringing Ubuntu to that.

Apparently this won’t be late until 2012, so we’ve still got a little time before that guy with the wizard beard sees you running a stock iOS on your iPad and sneers. Just ignore him when he does: he’s a sad little man.

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