‘Spending The Stephen King Money’ May Be One Of The Greatest Tales Of Mistaken Identity Ever

By | 12 Comments

Being confused for Stephen King might be the best, worst, best thing to ever happen to this author.

new and exciting ways to buy stuff

The Amazon Fire Phone: Everything You Need To Know

By | 10 Comments

The Amazon Fire Phone is here! But should you buy it? Let's take it apart and find out.

streaming music

Amazon Prime Music Is Solid, But No Spotify

By | 5 Comments

Amazon Prime Music is a new service that tries to compete with Spotify, and doesn't quite make it.

pissing matches

Why You Can’t Buy Warner Bros. Movies On Amazon: An Explainer

By | 15 Comments

You can't buy 'The Lego Movie' on disc from Amazon, and it's ridiculous. Inside an insane corporate feud.


The Adult Film Minute: Chase Hates Porn Stars. But So Does PayPal, Amazon…

By | 45 Comments

Dr. Chauntelle to discuss Chase's recent rash of porn-related bank account closures, and how they're not the only offender.


Amazon Wants You To Use Hashtags To Buy Stuff

By | 3 Comments

Twitter and Amazon have teamed up to create the single most useless shopping technology in history.


You Will Soon Be Able To Stream HBO Shows & Movies On Amazon Prime

By | 22 Comments

HBO and Amazon have gotten surprisingly, shockingly buddy-buddy.

amazon reviews

20 Movie Posters Featuring Quotes From One-Star Reviews On Amazon

By | 46 Comments

"Pulp Fiction" could have been great, if it had starred Julia Stiles, and other one-star Amazon reviews on movie posters.


Amazon Basically Called A Guy Out As A Drug Dealer For Purchasing A Small Scale

By | 5 Comments

A Reddit user purchased a small jewelry and kitchen scale so Amazon decided that he must be a drug dealer.


Amazon Tellingly Insists Its Fire TV ‘Isn’t Trying’ To Be A Console

By | 3 Comments

Sure, Amazon's Fire TV plays games, has a controller, and they're developing games for it. But Amazon insists it's not actually a gaming device!

streaming video

Here’s Everything You Need To Know About The New Amazon Fire TV

By | 13 Comments

The Amazon Fire TV is a fairly impressive gadget... but should you upgrade?

#video games

Amazon's Game Console Will Debut On Wednesday

By | 3 Comments

Amazon's game console could be arriving sooner than we think.


Why You Got A Refund From Amazon Today: An Explainer

By | 7 Comments

Amazon is involved in a settlement over something that is, for once, not its fault.


Amazon's Game Console Just Got A Lot More Interesting

By | 6 Comments

Amazon's game console isn't a console, but something a lot more interesting.


Amazon Really Might Be Delivering A Game Console

By | 11 Comments

Amazon apparently is delivering another game console. But will it sell?

amazon prime

Amazon Is Raising The Price For Prime. How Much Will It Take For You To Break Even With The Price Hike?

By | 8 Comments

Amazon Prime is going up by twenty bucks. But you're likely still saving money.


Amazon's Rumored Music Streaming Service Sounds Amusingly Terrible

By | 3 Comments

Amazon wants to get into the streaming music game... with the worst conceivable service.


Watch Netflix Mock Amazon’s Ridiculous Drone Delivery Plan


You've probably heard about Amazon's drone delivery plan. Netflix is here to mock the hell out of it. This is war.


The 10 Best Streaming TV Series Exclusive To Amazon Prime Instant, Ranked

By | 51 Comments

Ten great television series that you can't get on Netflix, only Amazon Prime Instant


5 Reasons Why ‘Transparent’ Is The Best Of The New Pilots On Amazon Instant

By | 4 Comments

Why Jeffrey Tambor's 'Transparent,' stands above the rest of Amazon's latest batch of pilots.

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