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Walter White

This Kickstarter For A ‘Breaking Bad’ Sequel With Val Kilmer and Slash Is The Greatest TV Show Idea Ever

By | 15 Comments

Val Kilmer, Slash, and Laura San Giacomo will star in the Three-Wolf Moon T-shirt equivalent of a TV show.


We Finally Have Actual Plot Details For ‘Better Call Saul’

By | 18 Comments

"Better Call Saul" has an actual plot and no-fooling characters.

2014 Emmy Awards

Here Are The Best Twitter Reactions To The Announcement Of This Year’s Emmy Nominees

By | 19 Comments

Let's check in with some of our favorite television actors and actresses to see how they reacted to their nominations, shall we?


If The Internet Picked This Year’s Emmy Nominees, Here’s What It’d Choose

By | 64 Comments

Not that anyone asked, but here's who we, the Internet, want to be nominated at the 2014 Emmys.


‘Better Call Saul’ Will Bring Back Dead ‘Breaking Bad’ Characters By Utilizing A ‘Flexible Time Line’

By | 13 Comments

"Better Call Saul" showrunner Peter Gould says the show could bring back dead "Breaking Bad" character by using "a flexible time line."


Here’s What Dean Norris Thinks About His Mexican ‘Breaking Bad’ Doppelganger

By | 5 Comments

Watch as Dean Norris is introduced to his 'Breaking Bad' Mexican Hank Doppelganger on 'Conan'.


‘Breaking Bad’ Is The Most Binge-Watched Show Ever, Says Super Accurate Study

By | 3 Comments

"Breaking Bad" narrowly edged out "House of Cards" and "Game of Thrones" for most binge-watched show ever.


Cooking Meth Becomes Adorable When ‘Breaking Bad’ Gets The ‘Mr. Men’ Treatment


Walter White is reimagined as a 'Mr. Men' cartoon character in this delightful parody of 'Breaking Bad.'


‘Mega Man’ Meets ‘Breaking Bad’ In ‘Breaking Mega’


In the world of 'Mega Man,' it turns out that dogs can fly, Dr. Light is the one who knocks, and the danger is self-aware.


About The Time The Greatest Film Actor Of A Generation Literally Bowed Down To Aaron Paul

By | 41 Comments

The night before winning his Oscar for 'Lincoln, Daniel Day Lewis met -- and bowed down to -- Aaron Paul.


EW Ranks The 50 Best TV Scenes Of The Last Year, Neglects To Include The Greatest Scene OF A GENERATION

By | 47 Comments

EW does a nice ranking job, except they forgot THE MOST IMPORTANT SCENE OF THE CENTURY.


This Interviewer Has No Clue He’s Talking To Bob Odenkirk About ‘Fargo’

By | 13 Comments

Gil Tucker is on the spot to investigate the set for 'Fargo,' but has no idea he's interviewing one of the principal actors.


Behold, Teenage Dean Norris And His Blonde 1970′s Male Perm

By | 6 Comments

Dean Norris' blonde male perm proves that 'Under the Dome' isn't the worst decision he's ever made.


Bryan Cranston Is Now One Step Closer To An EGOT

By | 19 Comments

We need to do everything we can to get Bryan Cranston an EGOT.


Here Are The Most Tweeted-About TV Shows Of The Season

By | 9 Comments

By one metric, "Breaking Bad" was the biggest show on TV this season.


‘Better Call Saul’ Production Is A Week Behind, Vince Gilligan Worries ‘It May Have Been A Mistake’

By | 20 Comments

An update on the latest in casting and production on the 'Breaking Bad' spin-off, 'Better Call Saul.'

#arrested development

Please Enjoy This Supercut Of The Best Ever Television Catchphrases

By | 10 Comments

Tastefully Offensive put together this supercut featuring some of the most famous catchphrases in television history.

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