Man Surprises Fiancée By Finding And Restoring Her Destroyed Childhood Teddy Bear

By | 7 Comments

Vas Alli completely reconstructed his fiancee's childhood teddy bear, much to her surprise.


Watch A Soldier Dressed As Santa Bring His Mother To Tears With A Surprise Christmas Eve Homecoming


A maternity ward nurse working on Christmas Eve receives the best present ever.

47 ronin

Weekend Movie Guide: Catching Up On The Christmas Day Movies

By | 4 Comments

Christmas day was busy for movies, including 'The Wolf of Wall Street,' '47 Ronin,' 'Grudge Match' and more.

bad parents

This Kid Was Actually Pretty Happy With The Result Of His Parents' Christmas Prank

By | 6 Comments

This boy's parents tried to prank him with a vacuum cleaner as a Christmas present, but he was surprisingly pretty happy about it.


A Young Auburn Fan Got BCS Title Game Tickets For Christmas And His Face Says It All

By | 2 Comments

Young Colin is on his way to see his Auburn Tigers play the Florida State Seminoles in the BCS Championship game because Christmas is magical and adorable.


Kevin Garnett's Bad Language vs. Adorable Earmuffs. Who Ya Got?


Kevin Garnett let out a foul tirade against the refs during this year's Nets/Bulls Christmas game, and a young boy protected his brother's ears from it.


Mouse Decorates Christmas Tree


Someone taught their pet mouse to decorate a tiny Christmas tree. And it is adorable.

christmas songs

Merry Bleepin' Christmas From Boston Bruins Announcer Jack Edwards (And Everyone At UPROXX)

By | 4 Comments

Boston Bruins announcer Jack Edwards is here to wish you a MERRY BLEEPIN CHRISTMAS, set to a montage of Bruins/Predators fights and hits.


What's On Tonight (And Tomorrow): Christmas Marathons, Movies, And Specials Galore

By | 17 Comments

Here's your guide to all the Christmas Eve and Christmas Day programming.


Les Miles & The LSU Football Team Would Like To Wish You A Very Loud 'Merry Christmas'


The LSU Tigers took a break from preparing for the Outback Bowl to sing '12 Days of Christmas' for all of their fans.


20 Surprising Things You Might Not Know About 'A Christmas Story'

By | 38 Comments

Just try and not be amazed by these facts about one of the best Christmas movies ever. I triple dog dare ya!


The 10 Best Christmas Movies Of All Time: A Definitive Ranking

By | 205 Comments

We rank our top 10 favorite Christmas movies of all time. KNIVES OUT!


Goats Scream 'We Wish You A Merry Christmas'


You haven't heard "We Wish You A Merry Christmas" until you've heard it screamed by goats.


WWE Raw Open Discussion Thread 12/23/12: The War On Christmas Involves Bodyslamming

By | 571 Comments

Your open discussion thread for the Christmas edition of WWE Raw, live (on tape) from Austin, Texas. Look for me in the front row in the Indians hat.


The Chicago Blackhawks May Have Beaten The Mets In The Race For The Year's Most Awkward Holiday Video

By | 2 Comments

Chicago Blackhawks players dressed up as movie characters for a holiday video that may be the season's most awkward. Yes, they made a Mighty Ducks joke.

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UPROXX Video: All You Want For Christmas Is An N64


You might for to fire up a blunt or munch down a few schrooms before watching this latest UPROXX video offering.


'Crumbs Of Anarchy' Is Gingerbread Cookies Done SAMCRO Style

By | 11 Comments

Bring a little biker mayhem to your Christmas feast with Crumbs of Anarchy.


Conan Ruins Christmas With The Shocking, Violent Director’s Cut Of ‘A Miracle On 34th Street’


Conan is either trying to save Christmas or ruin it with these violent takes on Christmas classics. Macy's is going to be pissed!

Aliens: Colonial Marines

Your 2013 Guide To The Crappy Games You’ll Be Getting From Old People This Holiday Season

By | 25 Comments

Did you make sure to carefully list all the games you wanted for Christmas? If not, these crappy games may be sitting under the tree already...

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