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healthy fat asses

Please Allow A Sumo Wrestler To Show You How Sumo Wrestlers Maintain Their, Um, Figures

By | 3 Comments

Sumo wrestlers don't stay plump by eating cheeseburgers and ice cream, apparently.


To Do List: Stock Up Doomsday Bunker With Aerosol Cake Batter

By | 8 Comments

Two Harvard students have invented something completely necessary for the world: microwavable cake batter in a spray can.

This Guy Pouring A Beer Using Just His Forehead Is The Hero The Internet Needs Right Now


Dibs on starting the Kickstarter for this dude's touring brewery tutorial.


Don’t Worry, There Is No Such Thing As A Fried Chicken Oreo… Yet.


An image of a bag of fried chicken Oreos is making the rounds, but before you vomit, know that it's just a photoshop.


David Letterman And Jason Segel Debating Sandwiches And Burritos Was The Best Thing On TV Last Night

By | 3 Comments

Please enjoy several glorious minutes of bullsh*tting about food rankings, Taco Bell, and how to eat chips at a Mexican restaurant.

animal lovers

This Woman Has Been Eating Pet Food For A Month To Promote Ingredient Awareness

By | 4 Comments

A pet store owner in Washington has been eating pet food since June 19 to prove that ingredients count for animals and humans.


There’s A Museum in Beijing Dedicated Entirely To Roasted Duck

By | 5 Comments

It's true: the delicious delicacy is honored with its own elaborate exhibit.


‘Doritos Roulette’ Is The Stupid New Snack Game Taking YouTube By Storm

By | 8 Comments

Kids in Canada are taking the Doritos Roulette challenge and posting reaction videos on YouTube to taunt us losers who can't get the chips.


This Man Brought His Potato Salad Dreams To Kickstarter And People Lost Their Damn Minds

By | 25 Comments

Dreams do come true, especially when those dreams involve delicious potato salad.


Some Thoughts On 7-Eleven’s Fully Loaded Doritos And The Impending Food Apocalypse

By | 13 Comments

Today, 7-Eleven rolled out the Doritos Loaded snacks, which are basically fried cheese wedges coated in Doritos crumbs. Bon appétit!


Mountain Dew Doritos Cupcakes Are Today’s Reason For Giving Up

By | 4 Comments

Don't look now, but there's something terrible baking in the oven.

enough already

Oreo’s Mad Scientists Have Created A Limeade Cookie And Must Be Stopped

By | 11 Comments

A limited edition limeade Oreo cookie has been spotted in stores, and now there is no flavor left on Earth that will be safe from Nabisco.


God Bless America, The Pizza Bed Exists

By | 4 Comments

You can dream about pizza while sleeping on pizza. Mmm.


Jack Link’s Honored National Jerky Day With A 1,600-Pound Meat Rushmore

By | 3 Comments

It took 1,400 hours and 1,600 pounds of three kinds of beef jerky, but Jack Link's created 'Meat Rushmore' in time for National Jerky Day.


Want To Know What Happened When 1,000 People Ate Ghost Peppers At The Same Time?

By | 6 Comments

At a gathering in Copenhagen, a thousand people bit into ghost peppers at the same time and everything got sweaty and pukey from there.


Taco Bell’s Mad Scientists Merged A Burrito And Quesadilla To Make A ‘Quesarito’

By | 16 Comments

To prove that simply combining two existing foods gets people way too excited, Taco Bell is rolling out the Quesarito.


The People Behind Taco Bell Might Be Bringing Us A Vietnamese Banh Mi Chain, Yay?

By | 3 Comments

Taco Bell's parent company, Yum! Brands is going to be testing a Banh Mi sandwich shop near SMU's campus in Dallas.


Thousands Of People Are Wasting The Day Away Watching Arby’s Meat Cook On YouTube


After setting a world record for the longest TV commercial ever aired, Arby's has a 'live' YouTube feed devoted to its 13-hour brisket.

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