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Frotcast 214: Macon Blair From ‘Blue Ruin’


This week on the Frotcast, Brendan returns and we welcome Macon Blair from 'Blue Ruin' to talk about his realistic puking.

filmdrunk movie club

Filmdrunk Movie Club: ‘Blue Ruin’

By | 27 Comments

Want to watch the movies we talk about? This week's is 'Blue Ruin.' So now you know.


Frotcast 213: ‘Under The Skin,’ Sperm Extractor Fiction

By | 36 Comments

Matt Lieb joins Bret and Vince to discuss whether Scarlett Johansson naked is the only good part of 'Under The Skin' and listen to Vince's fiction about Chinese Automatic Sperm Extractors.


Frotcast 212: ‘Snowpiercer’ And Comcast Calls With Steve Post

By | 22 Comments

This week on the FilmDrunk Frotcast, we talk 'Snowpiercer' and the Comcast nightmare call with comedian Steve Post.


Frotcast 211: ‘They Came Together’ With Justin Halpern

By | 19 Comments

Justin Halpern drops by the Frotquarters to discuss 'They Came Together' and the creepy island where Disney child actors come from.


Frotcast 210: ‘Weekend At Bernie’s’, The Leftovers, and Matt Ufford Makes A Nice Summer Salad

By | 16 Comments

This week's podcast talks The Leftovers, Weekend at Bernie's, Tim Howard and the World Cup with Matt Ufford while he makes himself a nice summer salad.


Frotcast 209: ‘Pain And Gain,’ And The Chinese Handjob Robot

By | 15 Comments

We talk 'Pain and Gain' and Gary Oldman on this week's Frotcast, and nearly die talking about the Chinese Automatic Sperm Extractor aka Hand Job Robot.


Frotcast 208: Laremy Reads Mean Comments, Alison Reads Bad Tinder Texts

By | 22 Comments

Laremy reads your meanest comments about him and reviews 'Jersey Boys,' while Alison Stevenson talks 'Obvious Child' and reads her creepiest Tinder messages.


Frotcast 207: Rob Riggle, ‘PCU,’ And ‘Dumb And Dumber To’

By | 13 Comments

This week on the Frotcast, I interview Rob Riggle, and we talk Dumb and Dumber To, PCU, and the drone kid.


Frotcast 206: PFT Commenter, Game Of Thrones, The IMDB Keyword Game

By | 28 Comments

PFT Commenter reads from his e-book, and Ivan Hernandez joins Matt Lieb, Vince, and Brendan to talk Game of Thrones and play the IMDB keyword game.


Frotcast 205: ‘The Sacrament’ Director Ti West

By | 15 Comments

Director Ti West joins the FilmDrunk Frotcast crew to talk about MMA, Juggalos, and Jonestown.


Frotcast 204: Godzilla, X-Men, And Casablanca

By | 12 Comments's Laremy Legel drops by to talk about his failed Kickstarter, plus Godzilla, X-Men: Days Of Future Past, and Casablanca.


‘Whoop Dreams’ Is Now Available Online For Free

By | 32 Comments

Finally, you can watch the Juggalo documentary that may or may not have given Ben cancer.


Frotcast 203: Fun With Donald Sterling Tapes, Burnsy, And Torio Van Grol

By | 12 Comments

Fun with Donald Sterling's comments about Magic Johnson and AIDs.


Frotcast 202: True Romance, Patrick Schumacker’s Wedding Butt Disaster

By | 34 Comments

This week, we talk True Romance, and 'Surviving Jack' writer Patrick Schumacker talks about his show's cancellation, and the hemorrhoid that postponed his wedding.


Frotcast 201: Paul Shirley Talks Donald Sterling, Laremy Reviews ‘Short Term 12′

By | 7 Comments

Former basketball player Paul Shirley joins us to talk Donald Sterling,'s Laremy Legel talks Short Term 12, and Ben bloops in from Thailand.


Frotcast 200: Laremy, Ben Live From Thailand, and Heather

By | 29 Comments

This week: Heather the Glib Lesbian, Ben from Thailand, Laremy talks Transcendence, and the world's best Smash Mouth mash up.


Frotcast 199: The Worst Viral Ad, Burnsy’s Corner, Jason Dove

By | 23 Comments

"Summertime" by Three Beat Slide is the song of the Summer, and we found the world's worst viral ad.


Frotcast 198: Heterosexual Gay Porn Editor William Head

By | 13 Comments

Heterosexual gay porn editor and comedian William Head talks porn editing and Dikembe Mutombo.


Frotcast 197: Justin Halpern of ‘Sh*t My Dad Says,’ ‘Surviving Jack’

By | 6 Comments

Justin Halpern stops by the Frotcast to talk about his new sitcom, and about Pat Robertson saying Jews are too busy polishing diamonds to work on their cars.

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