Glasshole Being A Glasshole About His Precious Toy Getting Broken

By | 12 Comments

"Protestors" are apparently breaking Google Glass on the streets now, because that's productive.


Should You Buy A Chromebook?

By | 3 Comments

With the death of Windows XP, Google is pushing the Chromebook pretty hard.


Virus Shield, One Of Android’s Top Selling Apps, Was A Rip-Off


Virus Shield turns out to be even more of a ripoff than antivirus software generally is.

google glass

Google Pulls The Ultimate Glasshole Move, Tries To Patent The Word “Glass”

By | 13 Comments

Google thinks, because of its silly eyewear, it has a right to the word "Glass." No, seriously!


Cortana: Microsoft Introduces Their Answer To Apple’s Siri And Google Now

By | 9 Comments

Microsoft has introduced Cortana, their answer to Google Now and Siri. Does it stand a chance this late in the game?

april fools

Google’s April Fools Joke: Pokémon On Google Maps


Google is issuing an April Fools challenge today: Find all 150 original Pokémon using Google Maps.

bizarre problems

An Actress From ‘The Innocence Of Muslims’ Is Suing Google For A Cool $124 Million

By | 7 Comments

Yes, the fallout from moronic Internet video 'The Innocence of Muslims' is still unfolding... and Google stands to lose millions as a result.

wearable tech

Android Wear Is Google's Latest Attempt To Dress You Like A Dork

By | 2 Comments

Android Wear finally gives you the ability to yell at things on your wrist. Because that's what sane people do!

san francisco

The Google Glass 'Hate Crime Victim' Would Like Google To Pay For Her Trip To SXSW

By | 30 Comments

Sarah Slocum is still going on about her Google Glass 'attack' and now she thinks Google should send her to SXSW to help spread awareness.

bad at humans

Glenn Beck Interviewed Google’s Eric Schmidt. Hilarity Ensued.


Google's chairman did not come off well in an interview with Glenn Beck, of all people. Yeah, we're surprised too.

google glass

Google Is Finally Telling Glassholes To Stop Being Glassholes

By | 4 Comments

Google tries to salvage Google Glass by putting out an informative guide to not being a Glasshole.


Futurist Ray Kurzweil Loves Spike Jonze’s ‘Her’ And Believes It Will Become A Reality By 2029

By | 6 Comments

Well known futurist and walking vitamin supplement Ray Kurzweil shares his insightful views on Spike Jonze's Academy Award nominated 'Her'


Google Will Soon Replace Chinese Factory Worker Slaves With Robots

By | 4 Comments

Google robots are being looked at to finally make buying your smartphone a bit less guilt-inducing.

Google’s Mystery Barge Is Told To Leave San Francisco Because San Francisco Is San Francisco

By | 3 Comments

Google's mysterious barge is getting told to leave San Francisco. "Huh?" - Everyone not in San Francisco.


Google Is Selling Off Motorola Mobility For Cheap


Motorola Mobility is off to Lenovo for a song... but Google got what it wanted out of the company.


Google Glass Can Now Be Attached To Your Regular Glasses

By | 6 Comments

Google Glass has so far rejected our tagline: Get Glassed! But at least more people will now be able to laugh at the idea of using them.


Gmail And Google+ Are Down All Across The World

By | 4 Comments

Gmail and Google+ are down. Guess that means it's time to call it a week.


Google Glass Finally Becomes Useful With Apps That Help Firefighters

By | 2 Comments

Google Glass now actually has a reason to exist... and it's not what Google was expecting.


Anybody On Google+ Can Now Spam You

By | 5 Comments

Google+ is about to become a massive spam factory, thanks to Google's new "innovation."

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