It’s Always Sunny In Philadelphia Season 9 begins Wednesday, September 4 at its new home, FXX (here’s where to find it), and UPROXX is your #1 destination for the best coverage, including next-day discussions and recaps of The Sunniest Moments from each episode.

2014 Emmy Awards

Let’s Take A Moment To Honor The Shows We Know The Emmys Won’t Ever Celebrate

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There won't be many surprises when the Emmy nominations are announced, but we could shake things up by giving out some special honors.

4th of July

For Independence Day Week, Here’s A Ranking Of ‘It’s Always Sunny In Philadelphia’s’ Most Patriotic Moments

By | 13 Comments

Let's celebrate the 4th of July early with these patriotic moments from 'It's Always Sunny'. Rock flag and eagle!


IMPORTANT: There’s A Russian Version Of ‘It’s Always Sunny In Philadelphia’

By | 34 Comments

Very few things have ever made me as happy as the phrase "a Russian version of 'It's Always Sunny in Philadelphia.'"


We’ve Now Got A Sequel To The Supercut Of The Greatest Television Catchphrases

By | 7 Comments

If you enjoyed the first supercut Television's Greatest Catchphrases, be sure to check out part two.


UPROXX Interview: Glenn Howerton Discusses This Week’s ‘Fargo’ Bloodbath

By | 6 Comments

A chat with "It's Always Sunny in Philadelphia" star Glenn Howerton about his time on "Fargo," and last night's shocking episode.

commencement addresses

Take A Few Minutes To Listen To Charlie Day’s Entertaining Commencement Speech At His Alma Mater

By | 10 Comments

Charlie Day delivered an excellent keynote address at the 2014 graduation of his alma mater, Merrimack College.


Here Are The 7 Most Philly-Centric, Philadelphiest Episodes Of ‘It’s Always Sunny In Philadelphia’

By | 19 Comments

Although set in Philadelphia, most of 'It's Always Sunny' is actually filmed in Los Angeles, so here's some of the most 'Philly' episodes.


Ranking The 10 Biggest Butt Monkeys On Television

By | 33 Comments

Celebrating television's butt monkeys: Those who suffer the most humiliation for our viewing pleasures.


10 Current TV Shows With Opening Credit Sequences That You Just Can’t Skip Over

By | 127 Comments

Many shows have opening credits that you just skip because they're in the way. Others are so good that you have to to watch them every time.


‘It’s Always Sunny In Philadelphia’ Has Been Renewed For Two More Record-Breaking Seasons

By | 34 Comments

"It's Always Sunny in Philadelphia" and "My Three Sons" have a lot more in common than you realize.


The Best Of 'It's Always Sunny's' Glenn Howerton's Reddit AMA

By | 24 Comments

Glenn Howerton of 'It's Always Sunny in Philadelphia' took some time out of his busy schedule to check in with Reddit to answer fan questions.


Let’s Watch These New ‘Fargo’ Trailers From FX And Try To Figure Out What The Hell Is Going On

By | 18 Comments

FX has released ten teaser-trailers. Let's take a look at them all and see if we can figure out what's going on.


In Which We Rank The Top 10 Gunslingers From Our Favorite TV Shows

By | 64 Comments

If you watch television, chances are you have a favorite TV gunslinger. See how your favorite gunslinger stacks up against the rest.


The 10 Hardest Drinking Characters In TV History

Promoted by Sirens

From Ron Swanson to Don Draper, the 10 hardest drinking television characters ever, functional or not.


Aled Lewis Celebrates The Best Pop Culture Rivalries With His ‘Such Pixels’ Art Show

By | 3 Comments

We've featured the work of Aled Lewis before, like his 'Video Games vs. Real Life'. Now he hosts his own show with plenty of pop culture pixel art to enjoy.

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