Here Are All The Reasons Why Beyoncé And Jay Z Are DEFINITELY Divorcing

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Another day, another new batch of Beyoncé and Jay Z divorcing rumors. Here are seven of the silliest, I mean, most foolproof.


Solange Finally Opened Up About ‘That Thing’ With Jay Z At The Met Gala

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Solange gave us something to work with, but will we ever know the full story of what went down that night?


Did Beyoncé Confirm That Jay Z Is Cheating On Her…With Mya?

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America's favorite (?) couple, Beyoncé and Jay Z, are playing a very long game of Did He, Didn't He Cheat on Her?


Jay Z And Beyoncé’s ‘On the Run’ Is The Second Most Successful Tour Ever

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It's Jay and Bey's world. We just live in it (and give them our money).

Beats Music

Jay Z Takes It To The “Jungle” For Beats By Dre Remix

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Dr. Dre <a href="">gave everyone a fair warning</a> that Jay Z had been invited to the "Jungle."


Watch Jay Z And Beyonce’s Star-Studded Movie Trailer For Their Summer Tour


Besides the Carters, RUN features Sean Penn, Don Cheadle, Jake Gyllenhaal, Blake Lively, Emmy Rossum, Rashida Jones, AND Kidada Jones.

Beyonce (Album)

Jay Z And Beyonce Deliver A Legendary Trailer For A Summer Blockbuster We’ll Never Get To See

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Pop some popcorn, and get ready to watch the best movie trailer in months, if not years.


Jay Z’s Out Of Beyonce’s Dog House, Solange Is Back In Beyonce’s Will


Jay-Z, Beyonce and Solange have finally acknowledged that whole kick-fight in the hotel elevator thing.


The Guy Who Sold The Jay Z Vs. Solange Fight Tape To TMZ Has Been Caught

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Would you risk getting fired and being sued by Jay Z for $250,000?

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