The ‘Nathan For You’ Dumb Starbucks Episode Is Going To Air Next Week

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The 'Nathan For You' Dumb Starbucks episode is finally almost here and here's a sneak peek from Comedy Central.


Nathan Fielder Found A Loophole To Sell Liquor To Minors On ‘Nathan For You’

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I have great news, booze-seeking minors: You can buy liquor now! Kind of!


Nathan Fielder Explains To David Letterman Why Border Security Thinks He’s A Female

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Nathan Fielder from "Nathan For You" went on Letterman last night and showed David a hilarious mistake on his passport.

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UPROXX 20: Allow Nathan Fielder To Tell You About The Time He Dined With David Chang

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Nathan Fielder was nice enough to take a few minutes out of his busy schedule recently to answer a few questions from us.

#jimmy kimmel

Nathan Fielder Came Up With An Ingenious Answer For How To Not Invite People To Your Parties

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Nathan Fielder is a diabolical mastermind who could overthrow governments if he so put his mind to it.


Nathan Fielder Has Been Sneaking Lewd Images Into His Instagram Pictures For Weeks

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Nathan Fielder from Comedy Central's "Nathan For You" has been sneaking images into Instagram of an old man masturbating.

There’s A Big New NYT Mag Profile Of Nathan Fielder From ‘Nathan For You’ And It’s Pretty Great

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Nathan Fielder got a big profile in the latest NYT Mag, and he talked about everything from Dumb Starbucks to getting awkward as hell.


Comedy Central Has Made Every Episode Of ‘Nathan For You’ Available For Free On Its Website

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Comedy Central is very smart. You should watch all these episodes before they get taken away from you.

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Watch A Deadpanning Nathan Fielder Explain All Things Dumb Starbucks To Jimmy Kimmel

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Last night Nathan Fielder dropped by Jimmy Kimmel to answer all the questions about Dumb Starbucks in full deadpan.


So Who Was The Diabolical Genius Behind The Hilarious ‘Dumb Starbucks’ Prank?

By | 8 Comments

It was only a matter of time before someone owned up to the 'Dumb Starbucks' business prank, and the culprit shouldn't surprise anyone.

Nathan Fielder’s Newest Twitter Prank Makes Parents Think Their Kids Have STDs

By | 22 Comments

Nathan Fielder is at it again with a Twitter prank making parents believe their kids have STDs.

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Nathan Fielder’s Latest Hilarious Text Message Prank Just Ended Hundreds Of Relationships

By | 56 Comments

Nathan Fielder just broke up SO many couples today, thanks to his latest Twitter text prank.

Please Watch These Pre-‘Nathan For You’ Clips Of Nathan Fielder On Canadian Television

By | 9 Comments

A collection of clips of Nathan Fielder's "On Your Side" segment from the Canadian television show "This Hour Has 22 Minutes."


Nathan Fielder Doubled Down On His Viral Drug Dealing Twitter Experiment

By | 20 Comments

Just when you thought Nathan Fielder and his viral Twitter experiments couldn't get any better...

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Nathan ‘For You’ Fielder Asks Twitter Followers To Play Hilarious Drug Dealing Prank On Their Parents

By | 48 Comments

Nathan Fielder, of Comedy Central's "Nathan for You," asked his Twitter followers to play a trick involving weed on their parents. It was glorious.


Nathan Fielder Receives Odd Pee-Related Health Tip


After filming a stunt at a gas station for his show Nathan For You, Nathan Fielder receives a hilariously bizarre health tip from the station's owner.

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