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Retta Revealed The Real Reason For The ‘Parks And Recreation’ Time Jump

By | 23 Comments

Let Retta explain why "Parks and Recreation" went forward in time.


Ron Swanson Has Been Found Depicted As A Marble Statue In Philadelphia, Of All Places

By | 6 Comments

Ron Swanson has randomly turned up as a 200+ year old statue in Philadelphia.


Celebrate Aubrey Plaza’s 30th Birthday With All The Weird Ways She Keeps Winning The Internet

By | 37 Comments

It's Aubrey Plaza's birthday, which means things are about to get adorably strange.


We’ve Now Got A Sequel To The Supercut Of The Greatest Television Catchphrases

By | 7 Comments

If you enjoyed the first supercut Television's Greatest Catchphrases, be sure to check out part two.


Chris Pratt’s Fat Vs. Fit Timeline To Megastar

By | 19 Comments

Chris Pratt is like a chameleon, if a chameleon was constantly gaining and losing weight in the process to becoming a movie star.


A 17-Year Old Leslie Knope Wannabe Asked Joe Biden To Prom And He Sent Her A Sweet Gift

By | 5 Comments

Joe Biden was too busy to make a Connecticut girl's prom dream come true, but he still sent her something that made her invite worthwhile.


An NBC Thursday Night Farewell: 8 Essential Must-See TV Episodes

By | 52 Comments

NBC's Must See TV lineup is dead, so let's reminiscence with some of the greatest NBC Thursday night sitcom episodes.


End Of A Must-See Era: NBC Released Its ‘Parks’-Less Fall 2014 Lineup

By | 35 Comments

NBC released its fall schedule today. It looks very different than in years past.


Oh Snap: Chris Pratt Totally Predicted His ‘Jurassic World’ Role In A ‘Parks And Recreation’ DVD Extra

By | 2 Comments

Did Chris Pratt literally predict the future in this Season Two 'Parks and Rec' behind the scenes clip? We think so!


Ranking The 10 Biggest Butt Monkeys On Television

By | 33 Comments

Celebrating television's butt monkeys: Those who suffer the most humiliation for our viewing pleasures.


We Have To Go Forward: 5 TV Shows With Disorientating Time Jumps

By | 29 Comments

A brief history of TV show time jumps, including "Lost" and "Alias."


Here Are Your GIFs From That Last Scene Of The ‘Parks And Recreation’ Season Finale

By | 66 Comments

So remember how Amy Poehler said that the end of the Parks season finale was gonna have an exciting last moment? Well it happened!


Treat Yo’ Self To The 15 Best GIFs From ‘Parks And Recreation’ Season 6

By | 16 Comments

The best that Ron, April, and Andy had to offer during "Parks and Recreation" season 6.


Paul Schneider Discusses Why He Won’t Return To ‘Parks And Recreation’ And Why He Gives Zero F*cks

By | 49 Comments

Paul Schneider, who used to play Mark Brendanawicz on 'Parks and Recreation,' has zero interest in returning to the show.


Nick Offerman And Megan Mullally Are Even Adorable When Talking About Gas

By | 4 Comments

Everyone's favorite married actors, Nick Offerman and Megan Mullally, can even make a conversation about farts seem like true love.


Amy Poehler: Stay Tuned For A ‘Very Exciting Last Moment’ In The ‘Parks & Rec’ Season Finale

By | 14 Comments

"Parks & Rec" star Amy Poehler says this week's season finale will go out with a bang.


Do You Remember Rob Lowe’s Chris Traeger Moment In ‘Wayne’s World’?

By | 6 Comments

Being reminded that Rob Lowe goes full Chris Traeger in a Wayne's World scene is probably the most important thing that will happen today.

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