Jon Stewart Has Launched A $10 Billion Kickstarter To Buy CNN

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Let's all chip in and purchase CNN with Jon Stewart and "The Daily Show."

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The Daily Show Talked Lana, The Real Americans And WWE’s Controversial ‘Current Events’

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Jon Stewart's exploding wrestling fandom continues as The Daily Show discusses Lana, The Real Americans and WWE's Malaysian Airlines promo.


There’s Only One Way To Gross Out Emma Stone On A First Date

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If you go on a date with Emma Stone, wear a shirt, please.


Jerry Seinfeld And Jon Stewart Made All The Jokes About How Lazy Jerry Is At Television


Jerry's stop by The Daily Show last night was slightly less contentious than his previous visit to a Comedy Central set.


Jon Stewart Came THIS Close To Getting Hillary Clinton To Admit She’s Running For President

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Jon Stewart put in a mighty effort trying to get Hillary Clinton to admit she's running for president, but to no avail.


Kevin Hart Went On The ‘Daily Show’ And Spent The Entire Time Talking About Wrestling

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Recent Monday Night Raw guest star Kevin Hart went on The Daily Show and talked classic wrestling (and ropes) with Jon Stewart.

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Watch Jon Stewart Point And Laugh At Texas Republicans For Attempting To ‘Cure’ Gayness

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Texas Republicans want to rid their state of gay people by curing them with the ole "pray the gay away" scheme. This is 2014 still, right?


Jon Stewart Took Donald Trump To Task For ‘Spraying His Name Jizz’ Across The Chicago Skyline

By | 10 Comments

Donald Trump put a gaudy "TRUMP" sign across his latest gaudy building, and Chicago is not happy about it.


‘The Daily Show’ Gloriously Eviscerated A Bunch Of Google Glass ‘Explorers’ Last Night

By | 14 Comments

'The Daily Show' gloriously mocked a bunch of glassholes within an inch of their lives.


Ricky Gervais To Jon Stewart: ‘I’d Rather Die Drinking Beer And Eating Pizza In A Bucket’

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In possibly the weirdest interview ever, Ricky Gervais tells Jon Stewart why he'll "always go for the bucket."


Courtesy Of ‘The Daily Show,’ Here’s The Phillie Phanatic Having Sex With Billy The Marlin While Fredbird Watches


In his apology to the city of Philadelphia last night, Jon Stewart exposed a sex tape made by the Phillie Phanatic with other mascots.


Jon Stewart Just Messed With The Wrong City After Last Night’s Epic Anti-Philadelphia Rant

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Jon Stewart just took a huge steaming sh*t on the city of Philadelphia and now he'd better watch his back.


Rush Limbaugh Called Twitter Activism ‘Pathetic’ So Jon Stewart Started His Own Hashtag: #F*@CKYOURUSH

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Jon Stewart did not take kindly to Rush Limbaugh downplaying the effectiveness of #BringBackOurGirls.

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Jon Stewart To Fox News: Where Was The Benghazi-Esque Outrage When The Bush White House Lied About Iraq?

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The Daily Show finally got around to ripping Fox News over its relentless Benghazi coverage, after it carried water for the Bush administration over Iraq.

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Watch Jon Stewart Vigorously Yank Bill O’Reilly’s Chain Over His Odd Obsession With Beyonce

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Bill O'Reilly is oddly obsessed with Beyonce. He probably wants to do things to her with a felafel and whatnot.

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This ‘Daily Show’ Segment On Gun Nuts And The Lawyers Who Represent Them Is Hysterical, But Chilling

By | 43 Comments

The NRA held it's annual gun nut convention over the weekend. Cue the endless video clips of right-wing politicians saying crazy things.


Get To Know New ‘Daily Show’ Correspondent, Michael Che

By | 13 Comments

'The Daily Show' has a new correspondent who is set to take over the comedy world.

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