Someone Finally, Perfectly Explained What Hulk Hogan Promos Sound Like

By | 15 Comments

In 2014, Hulk Hogan promos are ... not great. Someone explained exactly why in 0:55 of pitch-perfect video.


The First 12 Episodes Of ‘The Simpsons’ To Begin Your Marathon With

By | 56 Comments

The 12 best "Simpsons" to watch when the show comes to FXX.

‘The Simpsons’ Made This Spot-On ‘Mad Men’ Style Preview To Welcome Back ‘Mad Men’


SO. MUCH. INTRIGUE. Why does Lenny hate mayo? What is Mr. Burns demanding be released?


Your Guide To The 20 Best Fake Beer Brands From Movies And Television

By | 28 Comments

Get your buzz on with the 20 tastiest fake beers from movies and TV.

viral video

‘The Simpsons’ Paid Tribute To David Letterman By Taking Their Couch Gag Inside The Ed Sullivan Theater

By | 13 Comments

The Simpsons paid tribute to the retiring Letterman with a customized couch gag that took the family right onto the Late Show set.


10 Current TV Shows With Opening Credit Sequences That You Just Can’t Skip Over

By | 125 Comments

Many shows have opening credits that you just skip because they're in the way. Others are so good that you have to to watch them every time.


Did You Know: 'The Simpsons' Changed Lunchlady Doris's Name To Dora

By | 10 Comments

An astute viewer noticed that Lunchlady Doris's name was Dora in last night's episode of 'The Simpsons,' and writer Michael Price chimed in to explain.


You Won’t Believe This Model’s Terrifying Transformation Into A ‘Real Life’ Marge Simpson

By | 30 Comments

'The Simpsons' has been connected to a lot of weird stuff over the years, but this seems to take the cake.


The Simpsons LEGO Minifigs Are Groin-Grabbingly Transcendent

By | 20 Comments

The first pictures of The Simpsons LEGO minifigures are here, and they're everything we wanted and more.


Jim Breuer Found The Man Who Voiced AOL's Iconic 'You've Got Mail'

By | 8 Comments

Jim Breuer found Elwood Edwards -- the voice of AOL -- and recorded a short video for the whole internet to enjoy.


Check Out This Awesome Fan-Made LEGO ‘Simpsons’ Couch Gag


This is cool as hell and must have taken forever. Respect.


'The Simpsons' Paid Touching Tribute To Marcia Wallace And Edna Krabappel Last Night

By | 12 Comments

Sunday night's episode of 'The Simpsons' paid a tribute to Marcia Wallace And Edna Krabappel that will give you a major case of the sads.

snake genocide

Texans Gear Up For The 56th Rattlesnake Round-Up In The Most Texas Story Ever

By | 8 Comments

Texans are preparing for The 56th Rattlesnake RoundUp in which they kill thousands of snakes. 'Simpsons' did it.


'The Simpsons' Take On Ellen's Epic Oscars Selfie

By | 8 Comments

'The Simpsons' takes on Ellen's Oscar selfie and makes it even more glorious while showing us what we missed. Look at Kevin Spacey!


Check Out This Simpson-ized Drawing Of Daryl From 'Walking Dead' A 'Simpsons' Artist Just Made

By | 4 Comments

Norman Reedus just shared on Instagram and I'm a sucker for all things Simpson-ized.

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