10 Things We Learned From ‘Say The Word,’ Last Night’s Michonne-tastic ‘The Walking Dead’

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11.12.12 320 Comments

Last night’s episode of The Walking Dead, “Say the Word,” was a much-needed respite from the heavier, more intense episodes this season, giving us some time to process the events of last week while also setting up future conflicts. We learned more about The Governor and Woodbury, suffered Rick’s emotional setback, witnessed a lot of great zombie kills, and got a very curious phone call. Before we get to it, a quick reminder: Book spoilers belong at the bottom of the page in the book-spoiler thread Maske set up for you. Please don’t spoil it elsewhere; I ran across a major spoiler online this morning, and I’m furious both at finding out, and knowing what is (potentially) coming.

1. Rick’s Gone Zombie Bat-Sh*t Kill Kill Kill — I kind of love this iteration of Rick: He’s channeling Jack Nicholson from The Shining, and honestly, if you’re in that much psychic pain, it’s nice to have a passel of zombies to kill. There’s no better way, really, to work through one’s grief than to take a machete to undead head or cut open the belly of the zombie who filled up on your wife’s carcass.

2. Daryl Goes On a Formula Run — Daryl takes Maggie on a run to find some formula for lil baby Ass Kicker, which does little to advance the plot, but at this point in the season, a little downtime at the prison is well deserved, allowing Rick some time to process. There was also a sad moment in seeing the name of Sofia in a day care, but on the bright side: DINNER.

3. Daryl Officially Sexiest Male AMC Character? — People, PEOPLE: How adorable does Daryl look holding a baby? YOUR MOVE, JON HAMM.

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