Meat, Don’t Do It!

04.05.11 7 years ago 17 Comments

Back in December, rumors surfaced that Gary Busey picked a fight with Meat Loaf, and the two almost came to blows while filming “The Celebrity Apprentice.” Now that the episode in question has aired, it seems to be the other way around: it was Meat Loaf who blew up at Busey when the singer accused our favorite wild animal of stealing paint (video below).

As reality TV meltdowns go, Loaf does pretty well. He seems genuinely enraged, checking off the three S’s of anger: Shouting, Swearing, and Shaking. Mark McGrath physically restrains Loaf, and John Rich at one point pleads, “Meat, don’t do it!” — easily the most plaintive request made of a musician since Please Hammer Don’t Hurt ‘Em.

However, after a couple viewings of this video, I’ve decided that the real star is none other than Gary Busey. While Meat Loaf is foaming at the mouth and swearing at him, Busey — a man who can deliver much more memorable threats — barely registers any reaction. It’s like his mind is somewhere else — and it probably is. Busey’s either reminiscing about a mescaline bender at a Nicaraguan cock fight, or he physically left his brain in a suitcase full of highlighters and loose change.


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