Here’s A Louis C.K. Dating & Romance Refresher Course To Get You Through Valentine’s Day

Editorial Director
02.14.14 11 Comments

It’s Valentine’s Day so your day is probably going to be terrible in some form or another. So why not remind ourselves what the master underminer of dating, romance, and relationships has taught us over the years? Things like…

Why “There’s someone for everyone” is bullsh*t.

louis-ck-someone-1 louis-ck-someone-2

louis-ck-someone-3 louis-ck-someone-4

What it takes to be single.


How audacious it is that women even go on dates.

louis-ck-womendating-1 louis-ck-womendating-2

louis-ck-womendating-3 louis-ck-womendating-4

louis-ck-womendating-5 louis-ck-womendating-6

What it’s like to really like someone.


Why men say romantic things.


Happy Valentine’s Day!


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