Seth Meyers Follows His Blistering Trump Rant With A Closer Look At The Chelsea Bombing

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Seth Meyers unleashed one of the angriest rants in late night this year while discussing Donald Trump’s speech on birtherism while promoting his new hotel in Washington, D.C. Friday. It was so extensive, Meyers delayed his take on the Chelsea bombing until Tuesday’s show. That didn’t stop him from slapping down the media for their pre-emptive coverage and getting in a few more shots at Donald Trump in the process.

Unlike Trevor Noah, who focused on the bad ass nature of New Yorkers in the wake of the blast and ensuing manhunt, Meyers keeps his gaze on the media and their somewhat dubious coverage in the opening moments of the night. Rushing to find anything to report, including one lonely policeman rummaging through garbage cans being played on repeat by CNN.

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