This Makes Sense: Kathy Bates Will Play Charlie Sheen's Ghost on 'Two and a Half Men'

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03.20.12 11 Comments

H/T Nadia

Oh, the misery.

[Oscar-winner Kathy Bates] is set to guest star on the CBS comedy “Two and a Half Men,” playing the ghost of former star Charlie Sheen’s character Charlie Harper. In an episode slated to air April 30, Alan (Jon Cryer) suffers a minor heart attack, and the ghost of his brother Charlie (Bates) will pay a visit to his hospital bedside. (Deadline)

I tried to separate this news from the moldy cat turd that is “Two and a Half Men,” to determine whether I’d like it more if, say, “Archer” announced the same stunt and had a middle-aged woman — who terrified us as Annie Wilkes and with her boobs in About Schmidt — play the ghost of a young, male character. And: nope, it’s still a dumb idea. I guess CBS figured “Harry’s Law” was stealing too much of their grandma demographic.

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