True Blood ‘True Or False’ Episode Recap: ‘F*ck The Pain Away’

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07.15.13 28 Comments
Bill and Warlow

Before we dive into this week’s episode of True Blood and continue to dissect the shortened sixth season at the halfway point, I wanted to take a moment to express my longtime fondness for the manner in which each episode is named. I’ve always kind of enjoyed how the episodes are named after songs, as I’ve sometimes had to look them up to find out the artists responsible for them, in the case that I’ve found myself tappin’ my toe to a catchy little ditty.

This week’s episode title, though – “F*ck the Pain Away” (song by Peaches) – only makes me think of one thing: the South Park episode “Butters’ Bottom Bitch” and the undercover police detective dancing in drag at the frat party. So thank you, True Blood, for making me watch and enjoy that episode all over again.

Now let’s get on to the thing that has my fangs sharpened most…

True or False: Nobody should expect this season to solve anything, because Season 7 is a go.

This is good news for us fans, obviously, but it’s also the most frustrating news because it probably means that some of the current storylines won’t be resolved and we only get 10 episodes this season, because Anna Paquin had to go and get pregnant instead of thinking about what we wants. She’s so selfish, that Sookie Stackhouse.


Sarah Newlin

“When a woman comes to you in black lingerie, you unwrap her.” Yeah, that’s fine, and I agree with that very important line, but she is manipulating the governor for her own agenda and he’s too blind with rage over Eric turning his daughter into a vampire that he’s just letting her continue pushing him into this massive war.

And Sarah’s telling the governor that she wants to get married, but what happens as soon as he tells her that it’s not the time?

Sarah and Jason 1

Sarah and Jason

Sarah and Jason 2

BOOM! Two tickets to bone town with Jason Stackhouse, but she’s just using him, too. Sarah is seriously the worst.

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