Australia's Stormtrooper Raised More Than $100,000 For Sick Children

04.25.12 6 years ago

Last year, we brought you the story of Jacob French, an Australian philanthropist who decided to walk across his country to raise money for the Starlight Foundation, which works with terminally ill children and their families. But for the sake of not looking like a common hobo, French was decked out in Stormtrooper gear, as he is a member of the 501st Legion, making his trip a lot more notable and presumably sweatier.

French’s journey from Perth to Sydney began last July, and he was expected to have finished his 3,100-mile trek sometime around Christmas if he stuck to a 25-mile per day/5-days per week routine. But I guess if you’re going to walk around dressed as one of Darth Vader’s minions, people are going to stop you to chat. Also, your feet and legs might hurt just a little. So it’s acceptable that French’s trip actually ended on April 4.
Dozens of kids greeted their new hero, as French arrived at Sydney’s Children’s Hospital to present a donation of more than $100,000 to the Starlight Foundation, a deed that would make even Lone Star’s cold heart smile. Wait, no. Damn it, now I’m screwing up my movie references.
(Images via Getty.)

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