What If Other TV Families Had 'Game of Thrones'-Style House Sigils?

Editorial Director

Have to hand it to College Humor: when they nail something, they really nail it. Today’s offering is an assortment of Game of Thrones-style house sigils for other popular television shows. Happy to report to the cool kids table I didn’t know they’re called “sigils” before now and I’m still not sure of the proper pronunciation. These fake “sigils” are funny because these other shows and characters don’t have emblems and mottos representing their house because they’re not set in olden times.

I’ve included my five faves here, one of which is of course “House Swanson” above. So easy, yet so enjoyable. Might as well be Dolphins cheerleader lib dubbing pop songs of summer. And not to spoil anything, but the Walking Dead one below wins. This is not debatable. Check out the full collection here.

College Humor

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