Teacher Literally Gets Off On Hitting Students, Masturbates In Front Of Class

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04.26.13 5 Comments

The worst thing a teacher ever did to me was pair me up with the hottest girl in class for a science project while I had a huge pimple on my nose. The MONSTER, I know, but that’s nothing compared to a teacher in South Korea, who, according to the unfortunately named Dong-a Ilbo, beat up a student then masturbated in front of an entire class.

A substitute teacher who teaches Chinese characters at a high school in Seoul`s Yangcheon district used violence to students for their bad behavior during a self-studying class. As the students ran away, he began chasing them and suddenly pulled down his pants and did a sexually inappropriate thing when passing by a female students’ classroom. Though he lied at first for the suspicion, saying, “I grasped the pants because they were falling down,” but admitted after the video clip was released. The substitute teacher whose contract began last month was dismissed on that day. (Via)

And he was only 10,582 days away from retirement, too. Guyism adds, “Students told police that Mr. A went ballistic upon discovering a student in his class was listening to his headphones in class.” If you want to make the Beats by Dre joke, please don’t.

(Via Guyism)

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