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Kate Moss And Rihanna Do Their Best Alison Brie And Gillian Jacobs Impression In Magazine Spread

By 02.23.13

These three things in life we know are true: 2+2=4, mustard > ketchup, and Alison Brie and Gillian Jacobs in GQ is the best magazine spread of all-time. Here’s where I’d link to the photos, but, c’mon, don’t pretend they’re not saved on your computer as something innocuous like “file7” in the “Dog Pictures” folder (OK, fine, enjoy).

V Magazine clearly used that spread as an inspiration for their wonderful Kate Moss/Rihanna pairing. True story: before Annie and Britta did it, no two attractive women had ever been seductively photographed together. Hopefully this trend catches on, too, because, well, according to the Huffington Post:

The much-hyped editorial features Rihanna photographed with Moss in all sorts of suggestive, cuddly poses: Rihanna naked with Kate on top, Kate naked with Rihanna on top, the pair pulling their faces thisssss close together… you get the idea. The semi-racy shoot is par for the course for both women as well as Mario Testino, a fashion photographer who always brings out the sexy in his subjects. (Via)

/subscribes to V Magazine under four different names

And don’t forget the video.

I hate Chris Brown so much. Check out more photos here.

(Via V Magazine) (Via Huffington Post)


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