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Pardon my fresh, but Beyonce goes hard on “Resentment.”

And in my mind, there’s prolly a quite a few chicks rollin around the city singin this shit, windows up, stereo on full blast, mad @ my ass.
Shit, I’m singin it too baby.

Because unlike the polished studio feel of some of her tracks, she gets into this particular track, bringin it with solid emotion and grit (well, as gritty as B chooses to show). The subject matter is just one of those things that anyone who’s loved and lost can relate to, because no matter what you gained, you still lost something.

And with a distinctive wail to the beat, it’s got a 70’s Motown slow burn feel to supplement her voice, rising and falling into the background at the right times…

Beyonce – “Resentment”

So…where does all this come from Gottyâ„¢?

Because as I’ve grown, older and musically, I’ve stopped using the term “guilty pleasures” to describe some of the tracks and genres that I catch myself listening to.

Apparently, I like it because I do. I can’t put a finger on why sometimes…but I’m still listening.

So here’s a few more undeniable pleasures that I have…

The Fray – “How To Save A Life”

I ain’t sure if I would’ve liked or even found this song if it wasn’t for the preoccupation with Grey’s Anatomy that certain people around me have. I can’t say I’m a huge follower of the show but I can say this song has been in weekly rotation for a minute now.

The Cranberries – “Linger”

This is one of those songs that in the 90’s when it was on the radio, I don’t even think I noticed anymore than any other radio fluffiness. Maybe it caught my ear, but I damn sure wasn’t gonna say “Aiyo…who got that new Cranberries album?” But, while watching Click, the song played and I speedraced through my memory bank to realize this song is some elevator shit…but I like it.

Click was horrible might I add but at least one good thing came from watching it.

Joe Budden feat. Lil Mo – “She Wanna Know”

And the fuck I need to cheat on you for? I’m already winning…

As much as Joe catches criticism for making chick and club songs, he did it proper on this track, almost as good as Ja Rule. And hearing, Ja’s croony Lil Mo on the track…shorty always manages to lace hip-hop tracks with just right touch.

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