He’s Back…

10.20.08 9 years ago 14 Comments

…And back on his bullshit.

Which is a good thing by the way. I mean, no one really wanted to hate on “We Made It.” I mean the track was cool, slightly substantive. But that’s not Busta’s calling card. We need that Busta-down-something, jungle-baboon-bully-foot, whatever the hell he be blabbing about it. And quite possibly, the split from Aftermath was just what he needed.

Take “Arab Money,” which is quietly working it’s way into radio and club rotation. As you can see in the video, the Panjabi-esqeness of it is not the only thing tantalizing aspect as it comes equipped with it’s own gangsta boogie. Truthfully when’s the last Busta video you saw that made you wanna get out of your chair and emulate what you saw on the T.V. And this ain’t even the video.

On the flipside, the energetic “Light Up A Fire” is even more of what we need from the man going into his eighth album: pandemonium. Just picture a horned-up “Rhymes Galore” in the era of the iPod.

Busta Rhymes.

The only rapper alive that can have you looking forward to bullshit.

Busta Rhymes Feat. Ron Browz – Arab Money

Busta Rhymes – Light Up A Fire

Bangladesh Feat. Rick Ross & Busta Rhymes – Girls Love Me

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