Watch Jonah Hill Get All The Cursing Out Of His System In This Week’s SNL Promos

01.22.14 3 years ago

Jonah Hill hosts Saturday Night Live for the third time this weekend (with musical guest Bastille), and if these promos are any indication we’re in for quite a charming episode. (That joke will make more sense after you watch the promos. It still won’t be funny, however.)

Other than a reference to the rampant cursing in The Wolf of Wall Street, these promos don’t touch on Jonah Hill’s life much. Instead they lean heavily on physical gags like hat-based injuries and crazy body autographs. Does that mean the writing staff has written all references to Jonah’s glamorous movie star lifestyle — like the time he was c*ckblocked on an airplane by a stranger’s dump — into full-length sketches? I guess we’ll see.

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