Popular Corporate Slogans Would Make Great Condom Slogans

Entertainment Editor

New Condoms is a Tumblr blog to watch. It’s dedicated to original photoshops of well-known corporate slogans as condom wrappers, effectively classing up the “that’s what she said” jokes with professionally-done photo editing. The site is maintained by Max Wright, a 19-year-old photographer in Los Angeles who also runs several other sites.

After the jump are all of the New Condoms so far along with our color commentary. As for the Home Depot branded fake condom above, thanks but no thanks, guys. We got this.

There’s a phrase nobody wants to hear in the bedroom.

True story: my mom sent in a bunch of battery UPC symbols to get a stonewashed denim jacket with a chenille applique of the Energizer Bunny across the back, and this was my only winter jacket for a couple years. Jealous?

Ah, the condom for Catholic all-girls’ schools.

This should be a Magnum.

Catch everything? Does this mean there are holes in this one?

Huh huh, they said “box”.

We store these inside Mayor McCheese’s head in the McDonald’s Playland.

I’ve never seen an In & Out but I have shopped at several Kum and Go‘s. Get on that one, New Condoms Tumblr.

We keep these next to the bags of chloroform-soaked rags in our windowless party vans.

We keep these next to the Burger King condoms and the duct tape.

We keep these next to the duct tape and Justin Bieber CDs.

“Oh, that’s just wrong,” said the guy who just made three rape jokes.

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